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Sep 25, 2009 04:21 PM

Must-See Classic Boston-Area Restaurants

Real connoisseur of everything old and dusty here. Maybe it's Mad Men rubbing off on me, but I want to make sure while I live in Boston (and before they close) I make it to EVERY area haunt that still has that classic feel.

I'm not looking for old places that have updated themselves and ostracized the white-hairs. I want to the places that still make a mean gin martini (and know that vodka is a poor substitute). Maybe they have London broil or peach Melba on the menu. They're surely dusty, and a bit weather-worn, but still have the spirit of an era that involved more hats and gloves than blue jeans and iPhones. They need not be expensive, just earnest.

These places are a dying breed, and I'd like to check them all out before it's too late. As a non-native, I don't have a good handle on where to find these joints.

Food is important, drinks are even more crucial, but what I really care about is the atmosphere.

Help me relive the past!

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  1. Durgin Park, Locke Ober, Omni Parker, etc.

    1. J.J.Foley on East Brekeley St in the South End.

      1. The Oak Room. Perfect old fashioned atmosphere.

        1. Silvertone feels older than it actually is, but the room is nice in a vintage sort of way (but not cheesy) and the drinks are great.

          1. Yes, Oak Room for sure. Also, if you can get out of town, the Wayside Inn is pretty old and classic. I haven't been in years, but I bet the menu has not changed much, and the atmosphere both inside and out is great. The grounds are beautiful always, but especially at this time of year.