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Sep 25, 2009 04:00 PM

Sushi recommendations for Briarcliff Manor and environs

I'll be moving to this area soon and would love to find a good, moderately priced sushi place nearby.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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  1. not sure about moderate, but there a sushi place next to ap fresh, theres a sushi place next to hellers in pleasantville, theres sushi mikes in dobbs ferry, theres wasabi in tarrytown, theres abis in thorwood

      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        I agree with Yama Fuji in Briarcliff and also they have it at the Samaurai Habatchi Steakhouse in Croton on Hudson (just north of Briarcliff) and it's very good. I know what your thinking but you don't have to sit at a habatchi table with knives flying around, there are 2 sides to the restaurant and the other side you just sit at regular tables and you can even get the habatchi food over on that side if you want (without the show).

        1. re: GIOny

          Thanks everyone. I always like to have a go-to sushi place and Yama Fuji sounds like they're the one. I'll post here when I've moved and had a chance to go.
          Sushi delivery? That's amazing!

          1. re: GIOny

            habatchi opening in ossining / arcadian shop ctr soon as well

          2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            I second Yama Fuji, their sushi is fresh and very good. As a bonus, they deliver!

            1. re: Marge

              I third it. It's way better than all the other local places I've tried.

              1. re: spa

                I live in Briarcliff and like Yama very much too. This is the one near A&P at the Chilmark Shopping area. I have tried, but didn't like the one near Heller's in Pleasantville (something with an H like Haruma or something). I also didn't like Kiku right in Briarcliff. Welcome to Briarcliff!!

                1. re: jessheslin

                  Thanks Jess. I've only lived here a couple of days, so haven't had much time to explore yet. Seems like a nice area and everyone tells us we're going to love it here.

                  Kat, That sushi pizza appetizer sounds great. I think we'll have to go there really soon now!

                  1. re: EllieLA

                    Check out this great thread for other recs in the Briarcliff/Ossining area.


                  2. re: jessheslin

                    Hanada :-) And to the asker, welcome to Briarcliff...I no longer live there, but I grew up there!

                    1. re: Solstice444

                      yes hanada, very good yankee rolls,

            2. Another vote for Yama--consistently good & sometimes terrific! Was just there last night & had their sushi pizza appetizer, a scallion pancake topped with thin slices of salmon & seaweed salad.
              For higher-end sushi--easily several dollars more expensive for everything on the menu--check out Spoon in Chappaqua. Good for a night out & the fish quality is superb.