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Sep 25, 2009 03:26 PM

Cocktails near La Canada

Has anyone had real, proper, old-fashioned cocktails in any bar or restaurant near La Canada? ( That would mean including Glendale and Pasadena). I mean the kind of truly great; fresh ingredients; Maker's Mark in the well; more than one brand of Bitters; if it has juice, it's fresh-squeezed; serious cocktails that a bon-vivant from the 40's would enjoy. This kind of "mixology" resurgence seems to be popping up in all the trendy areas. What about the La Canada backwater?

Bruce S

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  1. Not sure how au courant Taylor's Steak House is regarding its cocktails, yet it gets the older drinks down really well. It is in the new shopping center on Foothill Blvd. at Angeles Crest(Hwy 2).
    ps - nice place to eat as well, assuming you are not a vegan.

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      Second the Taylor's reco. Unless you're willing to go to Al Read's in Sunland, maybe 5 miles to the west. What about Dish? Right by Taylor's, never been, don't know about cocktails. Or drop down to Damon's in
      Glendale on Brand, but I hear they've slipped in many ways.

      Good luck.

    2. Dish on Foothill makes great cocktails with fresh ingredients

      1. Taylor's on Foothill was my first thought, also, although I don't know if the drinks would meet your standards for excellence. They do have what Patti Smith liked to call azmophere, which should appeal to all vivants, both bon and mal. The food is another question, sad to say, especially the tough steaks I've had there on several occasions. I'd go primarily for drinks and mood.