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Sep 25, 2009 02:57 PM

Iowa City Korean restaurant

I lived in Iowa City about 10 years ago, and remember a wonderful Korean restaurant that was in the back of an Asian grocery store near downtown. I'll be back in IC this fall and hoping to stop by if it still exists.

Can anyone remind me of the name and approximate location? Also, any info on whether it's still around?


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  1. It was called Chong's, and it's not there anymore. Chong's Grocery has moved to Coralville, but there's no affiliated restaurant anymore. However, there is a new Korean place, called Seoul Grill, at the Old Capitol Mall, and it is FANTASTIC. Easily as good as Chong's, which I absolutely adored. Because it's in the mall, the hours are weird, but it's absolutely worth figuring out when they're open.

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      It was a truly sad day when Chong's moved, noone in the vacinity could even come close to the prices or selection.