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Sep 25, 2009 02:25 PM

Feast of San Gennaro this weekend

Has anyone been? Is it worthwhile? Any specific recommendations?

It's in an awfully congested area for a festival--near Hollywood & Highland.

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  1. I went once a year or 2 ago and didn't care for it at all especially in comparison to San Diego's Festa.

    1. Just came home from the fest and had a really good time. Is it hokey? Sure. But it's old school in a great way - it's inexpensive- five bucks to get in, 3/4 dollar pizza slices (cheese/topping) that was good pie, eight dollar drinks, exactly what you'd expect cover bands and priceless people watching. If you got kids they've got little rides and stuffed toy give away games that will take you back to being a little kid yourself. Park at Hollywood and Highland and have a store validate you or, if you're lucky like I am and don't live far, walk. Have fun

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        Two good friends of mine have booths there Vito's Pizza & Roccos' Pizza. Is great fun , food and music.even if you are not Italian.For $5.00 it's cheaper then a movie. Try going in the late after noon it's hot this weekend and it's an outdoor event. Try the Zappoles for desert they are Italian doughnuts and the women who makes them comes out from New Jersey just for the feast everyyear.. This is not like New York but for Los Angeles it's preety good. This also starts Italian Heritage month all of Oct.

      2. Be prepared to spend a lot of money...nothing is included for the $5.00 admission. The kid rides are a scam and very expensive for fair-style rides and of course add $$$ for parking. I hate to say it, but as an Italian-American, the Feast in LA is embarrassing---a lot pile of 'Guido' looking men with stereotypical wife beater shirts, tattoos and gold medallions. The last two years we have gone and the whole block has been sales of cheesy Chinese-made personal fans, "Parking for Italians Only" signs and so on---with a thousand Italian men sporting Italia shirts and hairy chests.

        The comedy acts were okay and I got to chat with Slash (of GNR) last year.

        The food has been average depending on the booth, but again, everything added up and the whole afternoon cost me a pile of cash....not going again...Hey!! Jimmy Kimmel!! Do you hear me??!! Make it a classy event with decent attractions and don't kill my wallet!

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          I kick myself every year for going - this year was no different....
          It makes no sense to pay $5.00 to stand in line for 15 minutes for a slice of Vito's
          pizza - we can all drive there if we can get to Hollywood and Highland!
          The booths are full of cheesy nonsense and tonight there were a crazy amount of strollers trying to get through the lines - fun, fun, fun.........