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Sep 25, 2009 01:35 PM

Lauduree Macarons?

Is there any place in LA that sells Macarons from Lauduree? I figured asking here was worth a shot.

I've tried so many places on the Westside, for anything that comes close to Lauduree. And, so far, my favorite is Jin's on Abbot Kinney. I tried Rose and Caramel/Salt. Wow, both are outstanding. It was as if I was chewing on a rose-flavored cloud!

Paulette's Macarons - I tried those, and thought they were too chewy and sweet (sweet in not a good way). The outside texture of the "cookie" part was too hard.

I also tried La Provence in BH. Very disappointing. And, they were rather large.
The only thing I can say about these are that they ARE macarons. More like CALIFORNIA Macarons, though.

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  1. There are no macarons from the maison Ladurée (notice spelling in case you're Googling) in Los Angeles unless someone specifically brings them from Paris, London or Tokyo.

    Fauchon have macarons nearly as good as Ladurée, and they will deliver, but only to "la France métropolitaine" (i.e., not here).

    Sorry. Paulette and Jin will be the two best places, though I have heard mixed reviews about Paris in a Cup in the city of Orange.

    1. I'm very partial to the macarons at La Maison du Pain, but you should call them ahead because they don't make them fresh deli. Best bet is on Saturdays. After them I think Jin are the second best. Since I also had a bland and boring experience with Paulette and La Provence, I'd surmise we like the same type of macarons and you will like the ones from La Maison du Pain. I hear Europane makes excellent ones too but I never had them.

      1. Ladurée has not yet made it to L.A.

        1. I am fortunate to be in the UK and France 8-10 times per year for work ...and bring back a lot of Ladurée macarons as gifts for friends and staff and treats for me and Mrs. TravelPath. There are times, however, that we are without (Groan...we have become sooo spoiled) and have found that Paulette is the closest you will get to an authentic macaron in Los Angeles...One trick we have discovered...Paulette's macarons are softer than those in Paris, so we purchase them and put them in the refrigerator for a couple of days, during which they "dry out" a little and have a more "Ladurée texture...they are quite good this way!