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Homemade corned beef hash in New Haven/ Fairfield county?

Is there anyone that makes homemade corned beef hash in Fairfield or New Haven county? We got spoiled at the Wicked Oyster when we went to the cape, now the canned variety just won't do!

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  1. North of New Haven, if you're in the neighborhood, try O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown. One of my favorite (and least expensive) breakfasts there is Brian's corned beef hash and egg sandwich on a roll made right there on the premises. He also makes duck hash, red flannel hash, more hash than you can shake a stick at and IT IS ALL FAB!

    Video about the diner (and some of the hash varieties) here:

    BTW, I recall a recent discussion about how to make your own CB hash on the home cooking board, should you give up on trying to find real homemade hash out and feel like DIY at home:

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      Thanks, Katty for pointing the way to O'Rourke's. I had forgotten that they serve it. You're such a good kitty for providing the link to making it yourself.
      Doing a search I found something closer: Equinox Diner in West Haven and Orange have corned beef hash:
      76 Orange Ave
      West Haven, CT 06516
      (203) 562-0666

      285 Boston Post Rd
      Orange, CT 06477-3520
      (203) 298-4100equinoxdiner.com‎

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        Thanks for the info and links katty and Scargod! We're in Milford, so will try Equinox 1st, and will report back.

        The Corner in Milford has hash, but its made with a lot of sweet potato and is much too wet for what we are looking for (LOVE The Corner, though!)

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          Let us know what you think of Equinox!! I've heard great things about The Corner, but I'm not often in Milford . . .

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            Equinox is so gross (check other posts), but see what you think. Have you ever tried Rena's hash at The Kimberly on the Post Road? I love The Corner too. I'm not into hash but Chips in Orange has CB Hash Omelet and regular hash and eggs too. www.chipsrest.com

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          O'Rourke's is a great diner. I'd trust them with hash.

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            You can trust them with squirrels, too! They feed the squirrels. No squirrel in their hash...

        3. In "Cordially Invited to Meet Death," Nero Wolfe is persuaded (the only time he was ever persuaded by a woman of anything about food, I think) that the best corned beef hash requires the addition of pork chitlins. The recipe is in the Nero Wolfe cookbook, but I admit I've never tried it.

          1. They serve a very good homemade hash at The Sandwich Board in Hamden (at Skiff St/Whitney Ave).

            Plus, the homefries are usually cooked nice and crispy the way I like them, and the homemade muffins are also good. I've never had a bad breakfast there.

            1. my faves for corn beef hash are City Limits in Stamford or Kings in Newtown

              1. If you're ever in the north end of Bridgeport, try the hash at The Galaxy Diner on Main Street. It's made with real corned beef and minced potatoes, not that glop that comes from a can. It's absolutely terrific. Especially if you ask 'em to fry it crispy. Heaven!

                Regarding Chip's in Orange - I'm pretty confident they use the canned hash. I tried their CB hash omelet once and was disappointed in it because the hash was mostly potato. If you're in Chip's, stick with the pancakes, imo.

                1. What a disappointment!!

                  If I open a can of corned beef in my kitchen, can I call it "house made"? If so, I'm right on par with the Equinox diner. Along with the nasty CBH, my SO got overcooked eggs. I had a very disappointing eggs benedict- hollandaise was broken and very stingy. Pancakes (we shared a short stack) were ok, but not as good as Cracker Barrel, with crappy syrup, to boot.

                  Service was friendly, but painfully slow, despite the appearance of more employees than customers. The booth behind us had multiple problems with their meal, as well. Some of the menu items look really interesting and delicious, but I don't think we'll be wasting any more money there - our bill, including iced tea and coffee and a gargantuan slice of cheesecake to take home(also disaappointing)- yes we are "breakfast for dinner" people-was $35.

                  We will try some of the other suggestions- starting with Kimberly and Galaxy, as they are closest. The only thing worse than being disappointed is to drive an hour for the privilege!

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                    I'm so sorry, since I suggested them. I saw some mixed reviews, but in general, it seemed to me that they were positive. If you Google it you find 7 of 13 say it's bad, but all 6 of the excellent reviews (one after another), were the newest.
                    I guess it shows that you should trust a Chowhound that has been there (which I have not). There was all of one reference to the Equinox, about four months ago by danieljdwyer, a well respected Chowhounder. He warned it was "off".

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                      No worries, Scargod, I certainly don't fault you for their poor food! And I appreciated you doing the legwork to find them.

                      The search continues....

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                      Ugh. Thanks for all the gory details.

                    3. Henry's Restaurant (luncheonette) on State St in North Haven does a scratch hash, very good imho. It is a true greasy spoon, but most of the food and especially baked goods are better than most.
                      The bread pudding is equally worth the trip.

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                        Thanks. This gives me an excuse to start out early when I go to that area for fish and Italian goods. Your name. It always gives me pause...

                      2. Lena's Cafe and Confections, Westville 397-5885
                        Had breakfast there yesterday. Corned beef hash was good. Interesting menu as well with friendly service.

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                          Please tell me more. I was looking at it the other day from across the street at Delaney's. I see it is breakfast, lunch and Sat.-Sun. brunch only. The menu looks really good.

                          Anyone else been? I started a thread a few weeks back and had little response: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6392...
                          Is the food really good or has it gotten better? It's interesting how on Yelp, the more that people have posted the more likely the scores are lower; at least for the nine posts about Lena's.

                          I have always enjoyed Bella's, but they can get overwhelmed at times.

                          1. re: Scargod

                            I've been to Lena's a few times. The service there gives off an "overwhelmed" vibe too. My husband's egg white omelets are reliably excellent - fluffy and flavorable - but I've not been happy with the various pancake breakfasts I've ordered; the menu sounds better than the plate tastes. And they serve flavored coffee.

                            And terrible, terrible breakfast sausage. I wouldn't order hash there.

                            1. re: zoe p.

                              Whoops. PS. I didn't notice that someone - saraf - had actual first-hand knowledge of Lena's hash. I defer to the experienced diner. Me, I'm still in the stage of trying to figure out what Lena's does well . . .

                        2. I live in New Haven county, but go just a bit outside of it to Westbrook where we have found our favorite corned beef hash at Christy's in Westbrook. Huge chunks of freshly made corned beef cooked with potatoes and onions. It is always excellent and we have yet to find another in the area who makes one comparable. If you are willing to drive another 10 minutes, give it a shot.

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                            Thanks. Just to set the record straight.
                            Cristy's Luncheonette‎
                            1261 Boston Post Rd
                            Westbrook, CT 06498
                            (860) 399-4211

                            Cristy's Luncheonette
                            1261 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT 06498

                          2. Laurel Diner in Southbury (northwestern New Haven County) has excellent homemade corned beef hash. The place serves breakfast and lunch only and closes around 2pm every day. Every time I've eaten there, I've ordered the CB hash with three eggs over easy and the very good hash browns. The home fries are supposed to be good, too, but I've never tried them.


                            ALWAYS call in advance before going; there have been several occasions in which I drove from a long distance, only to find that the diner was closed due to the owners being on vacation. This is a small mom-and-pop eatery rather than one of those large, boxy, 24 hour Greek diners that are the norm in the northeast. So when the owners need to take time off, the whole place shuts down.

                            FWIW this place is a favorite of Michael and Jane Stern of Roadfood.com.

                            And I second the recommendation of O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown. I realize that it's in Middlesex County, but it's definitely worth the trip.

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                              Have you ever tried the Bridgeport Flyer Diner on Bridgeport Ave in Devon? Last time I was there the hash was excellent.


                              1. re: mkoso

                                Haven't been there, but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

                            2. We live very close to the Flyer and stopped going there years ago for repeatedly being served spoiled food. I hope they have spent some of their improvement $ on the food quality as well as the appearance!

                              We went to the Kimberly on Sun for breakfast- Benedict was ok, corned beef hash was canned, service was crappy (which is the 1st time I've had bad service there).

                              Galaxy in Bpt is next on the list.

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                                Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

                                Went to Galaxy in Bpt last night. SO's CBH was fresh and very good. Properly cooked over-easy eggs, toast and decent homefries accompanied the dish. I don't know what I was thinking ordering beef stroganoff. It was edible, but weird, and unlike any expectation I have for the dish(big hunks of "pot roast" type meat, with a very odd gravy- like what is often served with chicken croquettes- and no mushrooms). I'll stick to my normal diner fare of breakfast or sandwiches next time!

                                Homefries Restaurant
                                1417 Atwood Ave, Johnston, RI 02919

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                                  Hehe - told you it was good. All I ever get there is the hash and eggs. For sammiches - my wife swears by their pastrami reuben.

                                  1. re: Ravac

                                    Just returned from Galaxy. Corned beef hash was excellent. Crispy and carmelized, lots of meat, which made it good to mix with the regular potatoes that came with it. Over easy eggs were perfectly cooked . My roommate had the eggs benedict and gave it an A. Place was packed, food came quickly. My only complaint was I was very thirsty and could not get enough water. Food came before the water, I had to ask again, and the standard little glass filled with ice came. I immediately downed it, and had to wait again for refill. Never got the second refill and left still thirsty. Bottom line is order drinks that cost, or bring water bottle in with you.

                                    In their defense, restaurant packed on day after Thanksgiving.

                              2. I got one for u... The country diner on your way to ridgefiel,ct....def not canned

                                Country Diner
                                111 Hazard Ave Ste C, Enfield, CT 06082

                                1. The Hidden Kitchen in Guilford. They make a mean egg's benedict with corned beef hash that is AMAZING!!!!! I get it with scrambled eggs instead of poached. But if you are in New York City, go to EJ's Luncheonette. It is the best EVER.

                                  Hidden Kitchen
                                  705 Boston Post Rd Ste C4, Guilford, CT 06437