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Sep 25, 2009 12:29 PM

Where to buy slider buns in the Upper East Side

Anybody know of any grocery stores that sell these somewhere around the UES? I looked at the other threads but didn't see any mention of an UES stores..

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  1. Try Morton Williams on 1565 First Avenue @ 81st Street. They carry Martin's potato slider buns.

    1. my gristedes has them 1st btwn 65th and 66th
      they are always with the meats.....

      1. Key Foods, somewhere in the 93rd & 2nd area.

        1. Agata & Valentina (79th & 1st) carries mini brioche buns, which work well. They are very good but are not inexpensive. Call first to make sure they have some in stock.

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            Eli Zabar (3rd and 80th, Vinegar Factory on [?]91st and York, or Madison and 80-somethingth) always has those mini-brioche buns, and they are perfect for sliders or any little panino-like sandwiches.

            1. re: demo5

              I prefer my burgers on potato rolls, but if you're into the brioche, you might like King's Hawaiian Bakery sweet rolls. I see them at Gristedes from time to time.