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great food in New Hope?

Hi all,

Apologies if this has already been covered, I tried to search for New Hope on this board but not much was coming up. My husband and I are thinking of taking a long, relaxing weekend trip to New Hope, from NYC (first real trip without Baby). But we are only interested if we can find some places with great food. Can anyone recommend a stellar place for dinner (price is not a concern)? A google search came up with La Bonne Auberge, but the menu looks a little old fashioned. That would be fine, if the food was really amazing. Any other fine dining ideas? The food is more important than the atmosphere. Recs can be a few miles from New Hope as we will have a car. Also looking for casual breakfast and lunch spots.
Thank you very much!

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  1. Try expanding your seach in the Pennsylvania secion for "Doylestown" or "Bucks County" - there has been a fair amount of discussion here.

    Also, across the river in Lambertville NJ.

    1. Coming from NYC, the bar for "great food" is set pretty high, and you might end up disappointed in the best that Bucks Co. has to offer. That said, there are a few places that offer wonderful ambiance and pretty darned good food. "Stellar" food, though...? Folks from NYC don't usually come to New Hope for the food. But if you do come, my dinner recommendation would be the Inn at Phillips Mill, just up the river from New Hope. http://www.theinnatphillipsmill.com/i... Oh, and it's BYO, so check out the menu before you leave home and shop for your wine in NYC.

      1. I would go across the river to Lambertville. No. 9 is a very good byob there. Also Hamilton Grill (not byob).

        1. Post - or browse - on the Mid-Atlantic Board.
          There have been quite a few recommendations for places in New Jersey, across the river from New Hope, that sound really good.
          I don't think you will find what you want in New Hope itself.

          1. I'm not sure what you consider "stellar" food; Daniel, Gramercy Tavern or ?? In New Hope you're not going to get phenomenal food of that calibur, but what semi-rural place does? But you will find some good food and the New Hope area and it being your first time away from the baby will make it very pleasureable and memorable.

            On the PA side Inn at Phillips' Mill is probably the best. Kind of buttoned-down in a country inn sort of way, but the food is good and the BYOB is a big plus, to me at least. They have a fireplace in the dining area and the rooms upstairs are nice. My wine and dinner group of six couples had an overnight there a few years ago and we all liked it. It was raining so we couldn't go for a canal walk, so we went to Sandcastle Winery up the road. IMO, La Bonne Auberge is very good, but it's as you described, traditional fine French cuisine.

            In Lambertville NJ Hamilton's Grill Room is pretty good and it is also BYOB. They use high quality ingredients and prepare it well. Nothing really inventive but it's a really nice atmosphere and reasonably quiet. FWIW I believe the New York Times gave it two stars, but that was many years ago. If you want a before- or after-dinner drink there's a small bar across the way and it has character out the wazoo.

            I was disappointed by No. 9. Had their signature braised short ribs as I've made better at home. Also credibly loud. Another place right next door to No. 9 was also recommended, but the food was not well prepared and was over priced.

            My recommendation is go with Phillips or Hamilton, buy some great wine in Lambertville, and enjoy the experience as opposed to focusing too much on stellar food.

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              I didn't know Hamilton's was byob. Have to try it. Thanks.

            2. La Bonne Auberge, located above New Hope in Village 2, is usually thought to be so far above all other N-H eating spots that it's not considered to be in the same league. Very expensive.

              1. Eight miles north of New Hope on the river.

                1. I am a New Yorker with long-time connections to the New Hope area. Hamilton's Grill Room is certainly an excellent suggestion. If you want a table on a weekend, however, you're going to have to book two weeks in advance. It can get noisy, so a table in the grill room is preferred to the rear dining room. Mark, who works the grill and is a partner in the restaurant, will make sure whatever you order on the grill is done to your liking. His fish is among the freshest in the area. Can't address the quality of the meat he grills, but it's likely to be excellent.

                  If you have a car, a trip to Doylestown to eat is worth the trip. You can search this board for suggestions. You can also take in an excellent museum (the Michener Museum) or a foreign film at the County Theater (countytheater.org for schedule).

                  A few miles north of Lambertville, in Stockton, is Via Ponte, which serves excellent Sicilian food and also features outstanding pizzas baked in a custom-made gas-fired oven.

                  For lunch, try Marhaba in Lambertville for excellent Middle Eastern food. Their falafel is great, but don't miss the zatter bread. For a real local flair, stop in to Dilly's Corner, at the Center Bridge, just two miles north of New Hope, for lunch or a snack.

                  Breakfast? I like the authentic French pastries at C'est La Vie in New Hope.
                  The Cross Keys Diner in Doylestown is an excellent old-style diner, with eggs, pancakes, etc.

                  Hope you have great weather. Make sure to walk the towpath along the Delaware River.

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                    La Bonne Auberge is old fashioned fine French cuisine but it really is excellent. The Black Bass Hotel's food is nowhere in the same league as Hamilton Grill or the other recommendations. There's an excellent place in Doylestown whose name escapes me right now -- it was written up here recently -- but Doylestown is not close to New Hope.

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                      The place in Doylestown is probably Honey. Very good. In defense of No. 9, I want to say that I was there Saturday night. It was packed and, true, a bit noisy. The atmosphere and service is very nice. The food is wonderful. This is my second time there and this time I tried the short ribs. Delicious. Everyone else in our party loved their meals as well (veal chop, pork chop, another short rib). I had a roasted tomato soup as appetizer that was excellent. Our waitress was wonderful. I thought I had lost my watch (later found) and she made an announcement to the room. The other diners (as well as the people waiting outside!) were very kind and helped look for it. All in all, a terrific night. I highly recommend No. 9.

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                        doylestown is a 20 minute drive from new hope. that is not close? we have some great restaurants in town. slate bleu is really good, black walnut, il melograno....lots more mentioned on threads relating to doylestown.