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Sep 25, 2009 11:38 AM

Pickled Garlic

While traveling through France, friends said they had some pickled garlic that was just terrific. They were whole cloves, pickled, crunchy, but not terrible sweet I've looked online, and there are many recipes to choose from. But, I'd rather use a tried and true one from a Hound. Anybody got one?

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  1. LOL...someone on this board told us about taking some peeled garlic cloves...dropping them into a jar of pickled jalapenos (or any pickles I guess would work too)...wait a few days, and you have pickled garlic. And, it works!

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      Wow, what a great idea. And, it couldn't be simpler. Thanks, Val.

    2. I've had it in Russia and it runs the gamut from pickles slightly with vinegar to the full mushroom-style pickling. I've been told to use only the young garlic. Most folks I know over there, though, just eat the young garlic's great stuff.