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Sep 25, 2009 11:25 AM

Searching for CRISPY Rice Sushi (a la Koi & Katsuya in Los Angeles)

Not deep fried, not tempura. What I'm searching for here in Austin is what's served at Koi and Katsuya in Los Angeles: Spicy Tuna over pieces of crispy rice sushi. Traditionally it's also served with a thin sliver of jalapeno on top. Basically, it's as if they take the rice part of a piece of sushi and quickly sear it on both sides, on a hot oiled grill, and then they add the raw spicy tuna on top. The rice is still sticky, soft, but it has a golden crispy bottom.

I cannot believe that I cannot find a single place in Austin that serves anything close to this. Help! I am desperate. You would be too if you ever tasted this dish. Even if you don't know of a place that serves this, do you know of an Austin sushi chef/restaurant that would be knowledgeable enough and WILLING to try it?

I went to Kinichi and asked, but they ended up doing deep fried rice, very dark, and as hard and crisp as a rice cake... not the same as searing it. Please help. I've attached photo of what it should look like.

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  1. I think I have been to most of the top end sushi places in Austin and I have never seen anything like that on the menu so unfortunately you will have to ask for it as a special request.

    Your best bets are probably Uchi and Tomo in my opinion but there are no guarantees.

    even though the austin sushi scene is ok, its just not going to compare to LA. I mean I would love to have some Urasawa here but its just not going to happen.

    1. While I don't see anything on the menu that matches your description, the new Sushi Zushi at 5th/Mopac has the most extensive menu of options I've seen in Austin. They might be able to make it as well.

      1. I am getting ready to move from L.A. to Austin and Katsuya is my favorite.
        I dread missing Katsuya.
        Also the tuna with the crispy onions, yummy!!!
        Please repost if you do find anything like that in Austin, as I will eagerly go there.
        Good luck!!!

        1. Just read here ( ) that Finn & Porter has crispy sushi rice.