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Sep 25, 2009 11:10 AM

Good food near Great Wolf Lodge?

I'll shortly be staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. Can you direct me to the best food near there?

Thanks for any help you can offer; I'm hoping not to have to submit to a stream of limp chicken fingers.

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  1. La Tarasca in Centralia is only a short drive away and a must try for Michoacan style Mexican fare.

    1. absolute second on la tarasca. you've either been to the great wolf lodge before or someone gave you a heads up. the food there is woefully inadequate both in quality and availability, even by the benighted standards of their industry. our room had a mini fridge too so you could bring a little something. the bar doesn't even serve real cocktails but bizarre low alcohol glosses on fuzzy navels and such. there is also a place called the little red barn at the same exit that i've never been to but that my wife recalled as a standard place to stop if you got hungry around exit 88. full bar too. you could easily walk there from the lodge. a quick check of user generated content site reviews shows wildly varying opinion about the quality of the place but it can't be worse than 'eating' at the lodge. of course the water park is great.

      1. I think Dick's Brewery is in Grand Mound. He makes really good sausage and his beers are awesome.