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Sep 25, 2009 11:02 AM

What is the best restaurant in Yorkville?

Looking for higher end restaurant recommendations in Yorkville. Great food and atmosphere, price no option.

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    I LOVed Pangaea when I did it a few years ago for winterlicious, real nice fine dinning. I might have been more impessed due to the fact I made an off hand comment to the waitress about not being warned something was in my dish (I think carrots which I can not eat but have no problem eating around it) and she promply took my dish away and the chef made something new for me with out that ingredent.. and it was wnterlicious, cheap menu time so it really stood out to me that the place went the extra mile.

    and my friends LOVE the lamb

    1. My vote is Mistura.The Wild Boar Agnolotti is to die for as is the Red Beet Risotto and Rabbit. The ambiance is quite nice too.

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        Second the vote for Mistura (and I love that wild boar agnolotti too!!).

        I've always wanted to try Opus, but I've never had the opportunity.

        C5 strikes me as the other high-end option.

        1. re: Rabbit

          I would absolutely recommend Opus - great food, wine, service and atmosphere. Pangaea and Mistura are also good suggestions and agree aboutt he Beet Risotto at Mistura.

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            I tried Opus for the first time last night and it was really excellent. I had the tuna appetizer (tartare and carpaccio) and the caribou entree. Both were fantastic, and everyone else seemed impressed by theirs. I gather the wine cellar is a big draw for Opus as well, but I don't have a sophisticated palate where wine is concerned so can't comment. The service was excellent though. Definitelly a good place for a romantic special dinner.

            Carpaccio Restaurant
            6840 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2G1V6, CA

            Wine Cellar
            39111 B Rd Combermere, Barrys Bay, ON K0J, CA

      2. Six months ago I would have said Flow or Spice Room, but now Flow has closed and Spice Room's chef appears to be semi-retired. I would have to try Spice Room again before recommending it.

        Another candidate is definitely Joso's. Best calamari and grilled fish in the city! Also very nice squid ink pasta. The decor alone is worth the visit.

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          I'm not surprised that Flow closed. When I'd been there it was meh and overpriced.

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            We were at Spice Room on Nov. 7, 2009, and would not return, for four reasons:
            1. They lost our reservation
            2. They had the shortest wine list imaginable: 3 mediocre whites and 3 mediocre reds
            3. The food was overly salted to an extraordinary degree
            4, The service was glacial

            Spice Room
            55 Avenue Road, Unit #127, Toronto, ON M5R 3L2, CA