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Sep 25, 2009 10:53 AM

Aspen for two nights.

After reading lots of posts, I have narrowed down to the following. Please help me narrow down to two:

Cache Cache
Lulu Wilson

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  1. I think Gusto is now called Gisella's and we have previously had very nice lunches there....good wood-fired pizzas, excellent carpaccio, minestrone. Matsuhisa can be great if you have the right seat at the bar with the right chef...kind of a crap shoot. Pinons is excellent but I believe they close at the end of October for a month or so. I also have to highly recommend the addition of D19 to the places you have listed. The savory rosemary zeppole with pecorino romano is a killer!

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      I vote Cache Cache and Matsuhisa or Pinon's - but as mentioned do beware of shoulder season (i.e. October) closures. Skip Gisella - very disappointing and unfortunately nothing like the former Gusto. Bad service, bad food. Pasta was either extremely undercooked (raw, I know al dente, thank you!) or tasted like canned mush! D19 was scheduled to close in early September, but if someone did save them and they are still open, definitely add that to your list.