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Buffalo mozzerella?

Anyone know where to find the real deal?

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  1. By "real deal" are you referring just to real buffalo, or to real Italian buffalo? Scheffler's in SLM carries an Ontario buffalo mozzarella that is delicious.

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    1. There is a thread earlier this year, with additional sources such as Lady Diana, and Grande Cheese. Also the factory store in Vaughan/Concord.

      1. Costco has the real deal from Italy, I think it's like $8 for a ball.

        1. Depending where you live and how far you are willing to travel, I suggest Lady York on Dufferin and Concord Grocery Store on Centre St. (Thornhill).

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            Thanks for the suggestions. Actually just got back from my daily stroll and found it in my own neighbourhood at Jerry's Suprmarket. What a nice little place. Good butchery in there as well.

          2. I wasn't overwhelmed by imported buffalo mozzarella, which I suspect didn't benefit from transit and shelf time. Have had the real thing and what's sold here is close--but no cigar. Aside from a slightly milder taste, fresh domestic non-buffalo mozzas, bladder-pac'd, aren't bad value. Never saw imported mozzarella at west-end Costcos, nor could employees track it the inventory.

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              It's available at Etobicoke right now.

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                I just saw it yesterday at the Costco at Warden & Ellesmere. In the cheese refrigerator, in a small container. About $8.00.

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                  I bought it there, but it is expensive compared to the fresher Ontario product, which they don't have.

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                    I buy International Cheese fresh mozzarella at Mississauga Costcos--about $4 and change each for a twofer pac. Nice stuff, hyper-fresh. Great on a homemade pizza with fresh tomatoes and backyard basil and herbs.

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                        If a potentially rancid, over-priced import works for you, rock on. The domestic moo-cow version ain't half bad. Worth a try.

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                          Just to be fair, in all my years of eating imported buffalo mozzarella, I've never had even one rancid one, although I have always been curious why they manage to do that.

                          However they are indeed overpriced. I couldn't bear to get them at the St. Lawrence Market yesterday, knowing the same thing at CAD 12 (and taxes) are only 2 Euros when they're on sale at the supermarket in Europe!!

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                            Bought a decidedly "off" pricey import about a year ago from an Italian deli. Obviously, the exception doesn't prove the rule but the flavor difference doesn't really justify the almost 3x price spread.

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                              It must be extra disappointing, since pricey usually means higher expectations. I'll be tempted to bring it back for a refund if I come across that.

                              Based on what everyone says here, I will try one of those local buffalo when I have a chance too!

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                      Which Ontario product are you referring to?

                      1. re: Full tummy

                        In this thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/576176 you'll find reference to Ontario water bison mozzarella. There is at least one farm in Hastings supplying water bison or buffalo milk to a cheese maker in Concord. Available at
                        Lady York, Grande , Jerry's, and Concord Grocery, as well as the factory outlet.

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                          Thanks, I've been up to Quality Cheese before but didn't buy the buffalo mozzarella. I think I'll e-mail them and see if anyplace in the east end is selling it.

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                            Yep, got it from Jerry's and pleased to report it was delicious with some nice organic tomatoes, fresh basil and a little olive oil...yummers!

                  2. I know you can get it at Gasparro's butcher at Roxton/Bloor. I am unsure if it is the Italian or Ontario version, but I have to pop in there tomorrow anyway, so I'll take a gander for you.

                    1. Cheese Boutique sells Buffalo m. imported from Italy.

                      1. I recently picked up a ball of Italian buffalo mozeralla in a sealed container from Trader Joes. I just opened it today for a tomato salad and found it was very soft like silken tofu and almost disintegrating. Is it supposed to be like this? It didn't taste off but the official expiry date is next Friday.

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                          Nope not at all, it's supposed to be a solid ball that you tear into chunks. The recent one I got from Costco was very, very fresh, not surprising given Costco's purchasing power and efficient supply chain.

                          Sounds like you got a bum batch o' buffala.

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                            Trader Joe's in Ontario??

                            In my experience, I don't consider it "off" unless it smells or tastes so, and mind you, I have a sharp sense so I generally can rely on these things. It tastes slightly bitter when not so fresh, for example. You can check the liquid too, the taste and smell shouldn't remind you of anything "off".

                            As for texture, gooey and "almost disintegrating", especially at the centre, doesn't necessarily mean that it is off, although it might be not that fresh. On the other hand, there should be a slight "skin" enclosing that gooeyness.

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                              Problem is, most fresh mozzarella is in sealed packages making it impossible to "check" anything pre-checkout. The malodorous imported glop I bought was in a sealed bladder with an OK stale date.

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                                No, not in Ontario. I just came back from San Francisco.

                                The texture was way too soft. There was a "skin" that surrounded it but it could barely hold it's shape as I sliced into it. There was too much water content. It wasn't stale though. It did taste fine. I have barely any experience with Buffalo mozzerella so I wasn't sure if that was normal.

                            2. La Fromagerie on College st. has it imported from Italy, and it's $$$$$. but it's the best

                              1. if you are around the 401 and keele st, you can buy it at Cataldi Super Market, the Mauri mozzarella from Italy i paid $7.99 ea, and the Bella casara from Quality cheese $4.99, also i like the mozzarina from Saputo, my other place i buy it once in a while is at Pusateri's on Avenue Road, they carry a few differents brands

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                                  Nofrills on BWV has italian buffalo mozzarella for $10. Max's Market also at BWV carries Quebec version which is very good but much milder than italian one.