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Sep 25, 2009 10:39 AM

arabic grocery store near Ventura,CA

Hello everyone,

My wife is Egyptian and would like to make me some egyptian food,however we are unable to find any arabic or persian grocery stores around our area of Ventura ca. Can anyone point me to a store in Ventura or L.A.?? Thank you

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  1. Here are some San Fernando Valley recommendations for Persian Grocery Stores:

    A few more in the Valley (can't vouch for whether they are still open or not):

    Islamic Meat & Food Mart
    Halal Meat and/or Grocery
    18845 Sherman Way #1 Reseda CA 91335-4042
    (818) 343-9123

    Metro Grocery
    Halal Meat and/or Grocery
    (No Address Listed
    )Balboa Blvd. at Parthenia Reseda CA
    (818) 892-1194

    Super Saman
    Halal Meat and/or Grocery
    6003 Fallbrook Avenue Woodland Hills CA 91367-3224

    Tawakal Halal Meat & Deli
    Halal Meat and/or Grocery
    21617 Devonshire Chatsworth CA 91311-2902
    (818) 882-0605

    1. I am Armenian and cook all Mediteranean styles. Tell her to go to Jon's Marketplace. They are in LA and Simi, also in Reseda in the valley. she get it online.
      They have everything you need. I know I am a caterer.
      They have persian, armenian, lebanese, turkish, syrian, russian, and greek. So I am sure there is something Egyptian.
      Good luck and have fun.

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      1. re: athenz

        Nice! Thanks for the info! I am still looking for stores like this. We seem to have just about no Mediterranean markets or restaurants from Santa Cruz to Simi Valley.... Not sure why. We have found that Valley Produce in Simi has a nice selection. In Santa Barbara we have also found European Deli and Market which has a great Armenian, Russian and Arabic foods selection. Other than that NOTHING!
        Thanks again!

      2. We have a Persian market on Wilshire at 14th St. in Santa Monica.

        There are more Persian markets further east on Westwood Blvd between Wilshire and Pico.

          1. Santa Cruz Market on corner of Santa Cruz & Main St. has quite a bit of middle eastern foods as well as a great gourmet selection of groceries...