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Sep 25, 2009 10:22 AM

Patriot Tavern Walpole, Ma

Has anyone ever been to this place?
I pass by it on my way home from work but can't seem to find any information about it on the internet.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Yes, it's on 1A. I checked it out last December during the day. Not open. My guess - one of those low profile watering holes that opens after 5. Certainly don't believe in a web presence. Could be closed too, who knows? The locals may.

    2. I have lived a couple of miles from this place for about 10 years (it used to be called something else and had a sign saying "Karol's Krueger Ale" that was sort of a guidepost when giving people directions). Supposedly it was bought out and renovated a few years ago and seems to be one of the best kept secrets going because I've never heard of anyone who has been there. If you try it, let us know!

      1. Been in there once in the late 90's or early 90's. Back then it was inly open once and a while. I was in during an afternoon in the winter. I assume around the holidays, The place was beautiful. All original woodwork, bar, booths, and flooring from the early 20th late 19th century. I assume that it was an old timer that owned it back then. I should've asked.
        I don't live in the area anymore, but pull over some time and look in the windows. My assumption is that it is probably close for good now.