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Sep 25, 2009 10:21 AM

Are you obsessed (like me) ?

I live in south Florida and have many travel opportunites within a few hours of me. When I do make one of my mini vacations of a few days, I do not look for places to stay, things to do, entertainment, My #1 goal is to find great places to eat... ie. I made a 10 day vacation last year to New Mexico. Instead of finding a lovely hacienda to stay in my first "google" was regarding restaurants. Am I that strange??? By the way... I had a wonderful time in Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos and Alb. And thanks to the internet I had some great New Mexican food. Love all of the green chile's.

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  1. I absosmurfly seek out the best food avail. I live in Chicago right now, and I know that all big cities have tourist traps all too well. There's no reason to spend a ton of cash at a touristy spot when you can explore the real areas of wherever you go and try out the local joints at a fraction of the cost. And most likely get BETTER food.

    1. Yep, I am a bit like that. A bad meal, especially when on vacation, is such a wasted experience.

      I also tend to plan activities around meals when I have out of town guests. As in: we will do this so that we can eat at this great place for lunch. It is purposely a light meal, because in the evening we will go to this other place and there happens to be this fabulous Peking duck place nearby. etc.

      Usually my cohorts are also foodies, so no one minds. I can only imagine that this would get on the nerves of non-foodies, though.

      1. Food being a priority for me, absolutely! But there has to be another draw. The people, relative safety, ability to wander easily, and whatever else we're interested in at the moment (ie scuba diving). As much as I would like to plan another trip to Spain (food, people, and everything else), Japan (food, craziness), Baja Mexico (food, diving, dunebuggies), the trip after the one we're taking next week I'm hoping will be to a place I've never been, ie Egypt--for both the food and wonders of the world which I've always dreamed of seeing. Or Turkey, for the food, art, and people.

        We needed an inexpensive trip, so we're headed back to St. Lucia--we've been fantasizing about the rotis and diving since last year, and are curious about the Caribbean Lobsters, Friday jump ups, and things we missed last time (the only bad meal we had was repulsive Chinese from a resort our first night; we were stranded and too far from anything else until we got a car; that said, once we drove away from Vieux Fort, we found incredible food, avoiding the tourist areas--everywhere!). So yes, food food and more food, plus things to keep us entertained between mealtimes. Unfortunately, the types of places we liked in St. Lucia weren't posted anywhere; on this trip, we will be documenting better (ie the place to the left of the Catholic church in Soufriere will have a name; Back in Time will have a town and/or better directions; Joel's uncle's place will have a name and address; Kitschen will have a better address than the shack/restaurant/bar at Lobsterpot Bay...). Light breakfast, roti for lunch, Friday night fish, repeat except dinner each night and find different dinners...I can't believe I remember the names of the places--they were so good!

        Places with bad food I can't imagine returning to.

        1. Food first, as long as I've had a great regional meal, Motel 6 is a palace. I'm happy.

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            In total agreement! Particularly because they allow the pets to travel with us! My husband and I are 50-50 with our friends and family regarding vacations--half go for luxury all-inclusive vacations, the other half simply want safe and clean places for the sleeping hours, with more funds to spend on food and everything else (including bottles, cans, and packages of something local to cart home!).

          2. I went to Los Cruces, NM this summer for the first time-loved all the green chili stuff, too!! The grocerys all carried this green chili sour cream dip that I packed in the cooler to take home!! I wish I could find it in CA!!!!