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Sep 25, 2009 10:13 AM

Best Vegetable Sides in Savannah? And Other Sundry Tourist Questions!

Hi all,

I'm a SF Hound headed to Savannah for a week's vacation end of October. Looking for best places with great vegetable sides - am not a vegetarian, but can only eat so much shrimp or BBQ and am a sucker for southern veggies. What can you suggest? Open to any price-range, preferably easy access from Historic District as we'll be without a car.

Also - any input on what the farmers market on Wednesday (can't recall where that is) and the one on Saturday (in Forsysth Park) are like - as in anything not to miss? What'd be in season at that time of year?

And lastly, I had an older book on Southern cafes and joints and it mentioned Nita's Place. Doing a Google search I'm not seeing any recent references and many addresses for this. Is this still in business and if so, where? And any good?


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  1. 1) Mrs Wilkes in the 100 block of W. Jones Street

    2) so-so, there should be okra, green beans, squash, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.

    3) Never tried Nita's - sounds like the 140 Abercorn address may be good, but yeah, I see what you mean. These little soul food restaurants tend to move and/or close from thime to time. My favorite, Mom and Nikki's on MLK shut down recently (or moved - who knows??).

    Hope you have a fun stay!

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      Thanks! Mrs Wilkes is on the agenda.

      Do you know of anyone making small batch pickled veggies and selling at farmers market or local markets? Since I can't bring fresh veggies home, that might be a way to bring a taste home.

      Always love to explore grocery stores for regional foods too so if you have any suggestions on what to look for?

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        pickled vegetables are not really my thing, but you might check the farmers market and maybe A Brighter Day (vegetarian market across from the south end of Forsythe Park.

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          Polk's Produce on Liberty St would be a good market to visit.

    2. Wish I’d got around to posting about my late October visit to Savannah earlier so I could relate the details but here goes!

      Thanks to hounds for their suggestions – much appreciated.

      We stayed mid-way down Forsyth Park and didn't have a car so stuck to the Historic District and the Park area for the most part.

      Spots I'd be happy to return to included:

      Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium (6 State St) - fabulous moist cupcakes - my favorite cupcake in ages. Had banana/peanut butter, red velvet and lemon poppyseed. Loved the buttercream and small moist cakes. $2/each. Still dreaming about these!

      Local 11 Ten. Love what they are doing with local products, love their enthusiasm, most of our dishes were a hit and would happily go back. The staff was very helpful as I was trying to find a local purveyor of Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses and since they weren't sure, they offered to help me order some or get in contact with their purveyor and ended up sending us home with a few small wedges and some bread when I explained we were just in town for a few days. Plus we got the excitement of tornado sirens during dinner that night...that's something we don't get in San Francisco!

      Lunch at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room was a must-do. Glad we did it, wait was about 40 minutes that day, yes it was rushed eating, but how could it not be with 27 or so dishes on the table. Reminded me of that rush when you sit down for dim sum, you’re hungry and have to keep reminding yourself to wait for the good stuff. I didn't remind myself of that this day but would on a future trip!

      Café Zeum at Jepson had a lovely Thai tomato soup with goat cheese that hit the spot on a rainy afternoon.

      Leopold’s for ice cream – only went once and it was probably a good thing it was so far from where we were staying or between the cupcakes and ice cream I would have gained a ton.

      Back in the Day Bakery (at Bull & 40th). Beautiful homey baked goods and breads. Plus it was a bit of a walk from Forsyth Park so we could work off the calories!

      Molly MacPherson’s had a really good leeky soup and Scotch flights, loved the atmosphere but the Guiness onions rings - not so much.

      The Distillery for beer and sweet potato fries. Great beer selection. Way too much A/C inside but the outside tables weren't bad even though they faced a parking lot and busy street.

      The farmers markets were small but enjoyable and if I lived in town I would definately hit the Forsyth Park one on Saturdays for egg, meat, veg and baked goods. Also stopped by Polk Market. It was just the tail end of the fresh bean season so was able to get some of those to cook up.

      There were a few places we didn't love:

      Six Pence Pub for a late snack our first night in, it was nearby and everyone was tired but the cold beer was the best bet.

      Huey's on River Street for beignets - too large and a bit soggy but these had been hyped by family quite a bit so we had to try them.

      Alligator Soul had an odd vibe - formal yet not. The shrimp and cheese grits with tasso was just too rich and too much despite only ordering the appetizer portion. The cheese plate was a nice taste of local Georgia cheeses.

      Snack stops included:
      - Mansion on Forsyth Park for drinks and fried calamari at the rooftop bar. Good happy hour specials.
      - Espresso Gallery - Lattes and gluten free peach cake - Mom didn't realize the cake was gluten free when she ordered it, unfortunately it was also taste-free.
      - Sentient Bean for lattes at least once a day. Nice space to hang out in.
      - Brighter Day - the natural food grocery store was a stop on Day 1 for provisions, nice to have in the area for basics.

      And on the way out of town had a pulled pork sandwich at Dewar’s in the departure area and it was pretty good for airport food (the fries, not so much though).

      All in all, lots of good food and a great walking city. Next time, we have a car so we can hit some BBQ spots and other out of the way spots.