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Sep 25, 2009 09:18 AM

Friday-only Amazon sale: Calphalon 12" hard-anodized lidded Everyday Pan (similar to a chef's pan/saucier) $34.99

List price is $168 and shipping is free, so this is quite a deal. Highly-rated though some reviews said it is not as thick as some of Calphalon's other hard-anodized pans. I am mulling it over and will probably get it - the coating on my 4qt Circulon nonstick chef's pan is shot (the circulon concept seems impractical to me) and it appears that the Calphalon has a similar volume. I consider a chef's pan to be a real workhorse piece, suitable for sauteeing, braising, soups, boiling pasta. It's great for a beginning cook or a small kitchen.

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  1. I called Calphalon to see what the deal was. This is a line made only for Amazon and is similar to Calphalon One. I ordered one.

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      I went to the Calphalon website and see that they no longer have this line, the commercial hard-anodized aluminum. I have two other pans in the line, which I like - they heat rapidly and evenly on my 30yr old electric cooktop stove. I bought the first one at Kitchen Etc. Amazon is selling several other pieces and sets in this line - I suspect that it is not "made only" for Amazon but rather that Amazon is selling out the remaining stock in the hard-anodized line. Calphalon One is closer to nonstick than is hard-anodized, but the latter still releases well with minimal use of oil/fat. I took the plunge and ordered the Everyday Pan. Just hope it holds 3-4 quarts - I couldn't find that info, just overall dimensions.

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        Just telling you what the lady at Calphalon told me.

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          Looks to be the same size as this one. So 4 quarts. I guess it might be a little awkward to carry round the kitchen when that full.

          Incidentally - is there a 'deals' page on the Amazon website?

          1. re: Paulustrious

            Yes here the the Amazon page for 4-for-3 deals


            Here is the amazon page for Friday-Only Sales


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              Thanks for that comparison - after I placed the Amazon order, I did see other "list" pricing that was under $100, a far cry from the original price given by Amazon. However, their sale price is still well below the sales prices on other sites. The line has gotten some complaints about food sticking, which is largely the fault of the way it is promoted as "stick-resistant". Calphalon doesn't equate that term to "nonstick" but many customers don't realize there is a distinction.

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                After seeing other reviews that changed my mind I canceled the order. Some have bought it for $20 and were not so pleased. Said it scratched easily and had problems with food release.

        2. I bought a everyday pan last year, 12 in. lidded, 4 qt. Calphalon One anodized. It was a new foray into this style of cookware for me it but it's turned out to be the best for soup, stew, roasting chicken, braising, pot roast, chili, fantastic roast veggies, deep frying, top of the stove or in the oven, etc, etc. on ebay for $20, plus $7 shipping, NIB. You can even use it as a wok, although it doesn't have a long handle, just the little side handles actually like many woks have anyway. Extremely useful piece of cookware. Very versatile. Don't worry about scratching, it just means your using the pan. We all have scars, anyway.
          I found it to be quite heavy duty with nice high sides. It doesn't release food very easily, nor do my other Calphalon pieces (after roasting some carrots and potatoes with a little olive oil) but a little soaking cleaned it up nicely. Heats up unbelievably well, doesn't burn anything (if it does it's your fault.) I also got a bunch of other Calphlon pieces on ebay, make sure it's NIB, for way below market or Amazon prices. I recommend this piece but check out ebay for really good deals.

          1. I like mine. I use it a lot. I've had it for about 2 years now, I believe. It is not non-stick, but things stick less than in my SS pans. I use it most for browning and then transferring to oven, making tomato-based pasta sauces, and the occasional steak/porkchop. I don't think mine is scratched at all, and I have used metal spatulas and what-not in it. I don't use it for "fragile" things like eggs or pancakes. It works positively wonderfully for my favorite lemon-chicken dish from my favorite Mediterranean cookbook.

            I don't think it would work well for boiling pasta or making soups. It isn't really deep enough. It's quite a large pan (diameter wise). I cannot lift it with one hand with anything in it (but I have weak wrists I think).