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Sep 25, 2009 09:18 AM

Best Prime Rib in Metro Detroit?

Any recomendations?????

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  1. Oxford Inn , Royal Oak . Main St. just across from Holiday Market .

    1. I don't know 'bout best, but some place that make it pretty tasty...

      1) Redcoat Tavern. I appreciate the fact that its tough to go there and NOT order a burger, but if you're able to their prime ribs is very good. A little bit more lean with good flavoring. The bread pudding is awesome too.

      2) Clawson steakhouse, if not for the atmosphere alone. Go on a Saturday night for live music from the Mark James Band, and watch octogenarians dance as I'm sure they have every Saturday for the last sixty years. Great people watching. The Prime rib itself is spot on too. Soft, moist, very flavorful.

      3) I might get heat for this pick, but I think J. Alexanders does a very good prime rib. Always super tender and soft. I will admit that it is a touch on the salty side, but its this delicious flavorful crust that makes my day. Pair it with their mashed potatoes or Mac n Cheese (Which, IMHO is only second to Slow's for non-lobster macncheese).


      1. I am very partial to the Prime rib served at J. Alexander's. for some reason they just seem to get it right. I like my Prime rib "medium" ..with just a little bit of "Moo" left in it. There are at least 5 locations in Michigan. check them out.