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Sep 25, 2009 09:11 AM

Camden Lock Street Food - London

I rarely get the chance to be around the Camden area, but my husband and I strolled through Regent's Park today, down the canal and ended up at the Camden Lock food stalls. I ate the pierogies for lunch and thought they were delicious. I had some with cheese and some with cabbage and potato. The fried onions on top were a bit greasy but so tasty... just like my grandmother made in chicken fat. I wonder what this guy uses to fry them.

Most of the food stalls had really nice-looking, fresh food. I'll have to go back!

Is it a madhouse on the weekends?

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  1. Thanks for the report. Pierogis with fried onions! YUM

    Camden Town is a madhouse in general on the weekends, but I wonder if the food stalls are particularly crowded? Having walked around a few times, I get the sense that most people aren't there to eat, so I wonder if the food stalls ever get that crazy. And it seems like they are set up to handle big crowds anyway...

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      Well, the onions were just small pieces served on top, but they really tasted good.

    2. Zuriga, all of the Camden markets are a mob scene on the weekends especially good weather ones like the one just gone. There used to be a good arepa stall in the Lock market but that's now gone. Apart from that I've never really thought much of the food offerings at any of the markets although the Lock market has the best of what's on offer I think. Stables market is best for [non-food] shops and stalls. Opposite the Stables market on Chalk Farm Road, there is a very decent dim sum place called Yum Cha.

      If you do revisit, post ahead of time and I can give you some suggestions. You might like to wander into Primrose Hill, nothing stellar foodwise but lots of solid (and quite charming) options including Troika (Russian Teahouse), Sardo Canale (Italian/Sardinian), Engineer (gastropub with a lovely back garden), Lansdowne (another gastropub, very hip), Melrose & Morgan (deli). Lemonia is a North London institution, decent enough Greek food but you go as much for the ambience especially Sunday lunchtimes. Other well reviewed places like Absinthe (French bistro) and La Collina (Italian/Piedmontese) I haven't tried yet. Oh and there's Nonna's deli which is part of Ramsay + Hartnett's York & Albany gastropub. You can get very good Neapolitan style pizzas from their wood-fired oven although at £9 for a margherita, prices are steep. They do excellent home made Scotch eggs as well.

      More than enough info to keep you going!!

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        Thanks. I need about 30 more years to get to all the places on my list for London, let alone the world. :-)

        I'm not much for mob scenes in my doteage, but luckily I can get up to London during the week as my work is always due in the a.m. The Lock market was pretty calm for a beautiful Friday, and I'm sure I can get my husband back to that area again before long.

        Tomorrow it's off to Paris so I can stock up on mustard. That's another place I need another 30 years for.