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Lovely Wedding Spot in Wine Country

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Hi all,
Sorry for the repost, but my original post was curtailed by the moderators for straying to Medocino. Thanks so much to those who have responded...brilliant ideas, and I'd love some more. I'm looking for a lovely place to have a small - 20-30 person - wedding this November (yes, short notice!). We've been thinking Sonoma, but are open to other spots if the location is right.

Right now we're considering inns or vineyards where there could be some outdoor space for the ceremony, but we're really flexible. Most importantly, the food, whether catered or done at the venue itself, needs to be fabulous. Some of the places we've visited and liked either asthetically or for the food and wine are: Fieldstone, Trespass, Chateau St. Jean, Ubuntu, girl and the fig, Vine Cliff, Pina, etc. I don't want anything over the top (I harbor no princess wedding fantasies), just someplace simple and comfortable where we can celebrate with family and friends.

Any suggestions would be most, most welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't know how the food is but a really pretty and unique place to get married appears to be Calistoga Ranch. I knew a wedding planner that got married there.

    1. Some friends of ours got married in Jack London State Park at the winery ruins (which is more cheerful than it sounds) and then afterwards went to the Girl and the Fig cafe in Glen Ellen for the reception. (The rented it out for the night) The cafe is small, but if you are only 20-30 people, it should be no problem at all.

      1. I've stayed at the Geyserville Inn - they seem set up for weddings with very nice gardens. It's off 101 in Geyserville. There's a restaurant/bar next door that I think does their catering or there are lots of restaurants in Geyserville or Healdsburg just down the road.

        1. I went my cousin's wedding in Sonoma last year. They rented out a beautiful space at a place called Conerstone Gardens. It's in the middle of all the vineyards, but is not an actual vineyard. It was absolutely amazing and the staff was wonderful. Everyone had a great time, nothing went wrong (except for a few distasteful DJ selections on the dancefloor) and entire the garden itself was really beautful. My cousin was married outside on the lawn and after everyone enjoyed cocktails and appetizers (passed tray) in the garden. Dinner was served under a huge spectacular tent (and being that the bride was Japanese, she had 1,000 oragami paper cranes dangling from the ceiling...so amazing) and dancing commenced afterward in the barn. You could tell it was a magical night for both bride and groom. Cornerstone Gardens has their own website, but their photos don't really do it justice. Check out the link that I found below or google them and see what you find. Good luck and congratulations!


          1. Hans Fahden Winery just outside of Calistoga does smaller weddings - beautiful space for outdoor ceremony and indoor celebration. Check out the photo gallery here:
            A friend of mine is a professional photographer and this is one of his favorite spots.

            1. My wife and I got married at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma two years ago and it was almost perfect. Wedding outside on the patio overlooking the vineyard, and the reception/dancing inside the tasting room.

              They were very flexible. Unlike many places they allowed us to choose any caterer we wanted and we provided all drinks except wine and champagne (which saved a significant amount of $$$$$). However, they did provide all glasses, tables, chairs, service staff, and a wedding coordinator.

              I highly recommend it.


              1. Check out Stryker Sonoma Vineyards outside of Healdsburg..., actual address is in Geyserville.....gorgeous contemporary building and grounds, incredible drink right- now- bordeaux reds, have it catered by a restaurant in Healdsburg, not well known, so it should be available, but don't know their policies relative to events..www.strykersonoma.com. My son loved Ferrari Carrano in Napa too...got engaged there.

                1. I've not been to a wedding there but I have had catered meals from Solbar at Solage. The restaurant is quite nice and the grounds are also very nice. It is a bit pricey but should be cheaper in November (off season). Solage is owned by the same folks who own Auberge and Calistoga Ranch.

                  1. My wife and I were married in Napa 3 years ago. We are both total foodies, so the dinner really mattered to us. We had the ceremony at Copia, which is now closed, but the food was done by Wine Valley Catering in Napa, and was the most fantastic dinner you could imagine. Appetizers were ahi tatare on lotus root chips with tobiko, sonoma lamb skewers with artichoke hearts, scallopine of eggplant with goat cheese, and spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. The dinner was a somona duck confit braised in a red wine sauce over a creamy polenta and a panko-crusted sea bass with a roasted red pepper sauce served over a potato gratin. Our main contact, Steve, was the most professional caterer I have ever dealt with. I can't recommend them enough. They also have a list of some of the venues they work with on their site.

                    The cake was done by Sweetie Pies, also in downtown Napa, and was designed with a custom rolled white chocolate exterior and a rose pastry cream filling between layers (see photo).

                    Best of luck, and congratulations!

                    Wine Valley Catering
                    875 Sousa Ln, Napa, CA

                    Sweetie Pies
                    520 Main St, Napa, CA 94559

                    1. I just got married on the 19th in Dry Creek Valley. Sorry, our venue isn't open to others because we're lucky enough to be great friends with the owners of a small winery - but that area is full of really lovely wineries who host weddings or might be open to a small private event.. Sbragia has a fantastic view over the whole valley from their patio, for example.

                      For food - I can't recommend Feast Catering in Santa Rosa enough. Between their incredible service and fantastic food, my guests were really wowed.