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Sep 25, 2009 08:01 AM

Oyster House on Sansom

Thinking of dinner there before a show. Will it be crowded enough on a Friday evening to require a reservation? Any not to be missed items on the menu?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We went at lunch, so I can't answer about the crowds, but the oysters on the half shell were all exquisite (got all six different varieties they had that day) as was the Lobster Bisque. We also enjoyed the lobster roll but as was mentioned in a recent review, it is on a potato roll and does not have much in the way of dressing (which is fine with me, but not tradional)

    1. I'd make a reservation if I were you, I've been there on weekend nights and seen a couple empty tables, but not enough of them to say with confidence that you'd be able to sit down without a res. How many people are going? If it's just two of you you could also sit at the bar and watch the oyster shucking.

      All the oysters I had were good, but I did encounter some sloppy shucking (bits of shell in like 25% of my oysters) when it was busy. The rest of the menu is mostly really good, the only things I didn't particularly like were the ones with menu descriptions that read more like fine dining dishes. The fisherman's stew is great.

      1. Turns out they are not taking reservations for 2, but say it should not be a problem, so we'll see! I am really psyched for some delicious oysters and perhaps a lobster roll or stew, so I hope we can get in without a problem. Thanks for the suggestions!

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          I had really good oysters there (and no shells either). But the rest of the meal was pretty mundane...I was not a fan of the stew. All of the seafood in it seemed cooked to death and the broth was extremely salty. A word of warning...when we went the service was slooooow. We weren't in a rush or anything (other than being annoyed at telling our server we needed refills) but if you had a show to catch, I would let them know at the start of your meal.

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            We went Wednesday night. Parking was a pain. Just go to the lot right across the street - you get a $10 voucher for the $20 parking fee, the other lots down the street are $10 so there is no "deal".
            We went for the "Buck A Shuck" 5 to 7 Happy Hour. Seating was full but we got 2 stools at the bar right in front of the "shuckers" in less than 5 min. Perfect! Its a little noisy but the place looks real nice a blend of the old and new updates.
            We ordered 3 Doz and they were great. we were expecting "Delaware Bay Salts" which are good oysters, but very pleasantly surprised when we found out the daily special was "Saddlerocks" very similar to Long Island Blue Points and usually $2.10 ea.. They were Excellent, crisper and sweeter than salts, as they come from colder water.. The manager explained they were having some consistency issues with the Delawares and decided to serve the more expensive saddlerocks to keep up the quality expectations, A great decision as we will go back more often.

            Service was very good and attentive. They made sure to watch us and didnt start shucking the next doz until we were done the first. The Snapper soup was a bit of a disappointment, the lobster Bisque was very good (at $10 it should be). I had 6 Cherrystones and they were very good fresh and firm. Out of 40 some bivalves we do not recall any shell bits at all, wow!