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Sep 25, 2009 07:43 AM

Where can i get Oaxacan cheese?

Everytime i'm in a grocery store or cheese shop, i stop by to see if they have oaxacan cheese but i only see the normal french, italian, and american varieties. i'd rather not buy it online and have it shipped. does anyone know where i can get oaxacan and other mexican cheese?

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    really - they have everything you want, the best corn tortillas (porkyland) and chips (sabritones, churrumais, etc)

    1. sorry! didnt read that you didnt want to order online.

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        that's ok. if i can't find it, i might have to try this site. thanks for the info

      2. There's a Mexican grocery on Avenue A and 13th called Zaragoza.

        There's another Mexican grocery in Hell's Kitchen, Tehuitzingo, on 10th and 47th. I'd start there.

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          Zaragoza is good, but they are often out of whatever it is you want. Call first if you can. I have also found it at the Fine Fare at 4th and C with some degree of reliability. Fine Fare is so ghetto though, I don't know if they even answer the phone. But they have loads of latin cheeses.

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            Might also try the Essex Street Market. Not the fancy cheese shop -- walk straight to the long back/east wall adjacent to a latin fruit stand (nearish the north side) and there should be some mexican cheeses hiding back there.

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              Second Essex Street, their prices are good and their tortillas are fresh. I think I've seen queso oaxaqueno there. I love Zaragoza too - if they're out of the cheese, enjoy a tamale.

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              it looks like i'll be stopping by zaragoza this weekend. thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

            3. I know I've seen it at Third Ave Cheese, but I don't know if they have it all the time. IIRC, it was on the special board for $2.99 or $3.99 a pound.

              1. There's a pretty big Mexican community in E Harlem, I'm sure its easy to get Oaxacan cheese there. Also, every grocery store in Sunset Park has it. No need to get online.