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Sep 25, 2009 07:22 AM

No reservations - Philly BYOB recommendation for Saturday?

My husband and I will be leaving a meeting in the city this Saturday by 5:45pm, early enough to get into one of the many BYOBs that do not take reservations. If you had your choice, which would you choose? We love Italian but are not into cramped, noisy spaces (which we've found at some). We'd love to try something a little different: Greek, Indian, etc. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure what the reservation policy has to do with it, even places that do take reservations still allow walk-ins, and 5:45 shouldn't be a problem at most places. If you haven't been to Kanella yet, that's where I'd go. It's one of the best BYOs in the city regardless of cuisine (which is Greek/Cypriot). They open for dinner at 5.

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      I would have recommended Kanella as well, but check to see if they are open this weekend...I believe they are on vacation through 9/30.

      Others to consider might be Little Fish (on 6th St near Catherine) for seafood, Bindi on 13th for Indian, Dmitri's at 3rd & Catherine for Greek/Fish, or Melagrano on Sansom near 20th (I think?) for Italian.

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        I think foodie4444 is saying that they often don't go to the places without reservations because they usually go later when it is tough to get in - since this is a night that they will be there earlier, it's a good chance to go to one of the places that they usually can't get into without t wait.

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          Much better said than my original post, PhillyA! Thank you. That's exactly what I was getting at. I appreciate all of the suggestions.

      2. All excellent suggestions so far. If you don't mind going to South Philly and doing Italian again, some are some very good and not cramped/loud Italian BYOs: Tre Scalini, Mr. Martino's Trattoria, Pesto, and L'Angolo (I have not been to L'Angolo but it's a darling of this board).

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          I love the people and the vibe at Mr. Martino's, but I have to say the food is "okay" at best. Not a very imaginative menu. Worse, though there's only one chef, the execution is hit or miss. Last time I went, my ravioli was quite undercooked and my companion's roast chicken was a greasy mess. Mr. M's is off our list now for good now, I'm afraid.

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            Gretfed, I have to say that I agree with you on this one. I have never had an experience as bad as yours, but I have had underwhelming dishes along with some excellent ones (some of the best pasta fagiole I've ever had). Probably not a great recommendation for foodies on a mission, I admit, but the prices are low and it is a perfect place to take a date. The obfuscated location and "cute" vibe make it seem like you know the secrets of South Philly.