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Sep 25, 2009 07:20 AM


We had our first supper of the season at Casamento's last night. It was right on. We ordered our usual, a dozen raw each and a seafood platter to split. I had a minor stroke when the waitress asked if we wanted catfish or trout on the platter - I don't remember ever having a choice before. Has it always been like this? The oysters were pretty good. A couple of mine were small, but that was ok because my dozen consisted of 14. I like the small ones just fine anyway, but it was a nice gesture. The prices did not go up this year, but do note that the prices on the online menu have been incorrect for a couple years now.

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  1. just wondering, how much does a seafood platter run? this place is on my list, and am trying to figure out how much ill need for all this eating out...thanks!

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      Seafood platter is $21. Oysters are $9/doz. The online menu is accurate in terms of items available, so if you look at it just add (very roughly) .50 to items under $10 and $1.00 to items over $10.

      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Im a little jealous, fall has officially arrived Casamentos is back open halleleujah!!

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          Just got back from NOLA late September, I got to eat at Casamento's, great fresh oysters on a half shell, good cold Dixie beers, I had the fry oyster and shrimp plate, wife had the fry soft shell crab. Small place, just a fyi, Casamento is cash only, no credit cards accepted. There a ATM next store, over all great place to eat on Magazine Street.