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Sep 25, 2009 07:15 AM

Food stops on Hwy 35?

I am looking for places where to stop for food (lunch and/or dinner) on hwy 35, north of hwy 7 and south of Minden. It does not have to be fine dinning (although any suugestions would be appreciated), just good, tasty food.

It will be a weekend trip (Saturday and Sunday).

I know that there are threads about places in Peterborough, but that would be too much of a detour.


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  1. there used to be a place of 35 and 48 in coboconk call the gulls nest which had the best wings i ever had. i havent been through there for a long time though and i'm not sure what has changed

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      It looks like Gull's Nest carries Buster Rhino's products (pulled pork, specifially). I will definitely try to stop there.


      1. re: blue bike

        The Gull's nest is part diner part gas station and was once part movie rental joint (not sure if that operation is still part of the business). I've only eaten there once and can't say it was memorable.... It seems to have a dedicated following so it must have some redeeming quality.

    2. Just off Highway 35 in Fenelon Falls is the Boathouse Restaurant. It's got an awesome view of Cameron Lake and has some solid food. I believe the owners are Jamaican and they have some Island themed specials. I thought the jerk chicken (while a bit dry) was very tasty on my only visit so far. My dad has been a few times and seems to enjoy it.

      It's not necessarily fine dining, but, they appreciate making reservations. I heard them ask pretty much everyone who entered if they had made a reservation.

      The Boathouse Restaurant
      16 Oriole Rd, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0
      (705) 887-9555

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      1. re: Dr Butcher

        This sounds very good - sunset & spicy food! Thanks, Dr Butcher.

      2. OK its not dining but hit the Kawartha Dairy Barn in Lindsay. The milkshakes are amazing.

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          Thanks, Otonabee. I've been to the Kawartha Dairy Barn in Lindsay.