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Sep 25, 2009 06:11 AM

Package to be sent to some cross-country touring bicyclists

I have some friends that are 5,000 miles in on their trek from oregon. they just came to see me in virginia and are now headed back out west. I want to send them the coolest care package ever, which obviously includes delicious bike-friendly foods. If you have any ideas, food or otherwise, to help make this a reality, I'd be so happy, and it will make their day.

Check out their blog at

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  1. Anything will probably taste good to them. I would think maybe some homemade granola bars/ cookies, maybe some of the electrolyte gummies they sell at outdoor stores, maybe some drink mix for the water they will be drinking a lot of, and some chocolate!

    1. maybe even something that will ship and last that is dense... bake The Gramercy Tavern's Gingerbread in mini-loaves, wrap in saran and foil and ship... lasts forever.

      Trail mixes. Nuts. Fruits. Dry Cereal. Protein Bars (homemade)... etc.

      You're a very nice person to do it!

        1. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting them! Count me in on sending a care package too! :) When they left our home, I sent along some delicious chocolate protein powder mix - to mix with water, some red chile tortialla shells (these pack much better than bread), a baggie full of wild blueberry and flax seed granola (from Whole Foods - it's YUMMY!!) and a baggie full of nuts/seeds/raisens. (The left over homemade chocolate pie just couldn't be packed. LOL) I think the beef jerky or venison jerky idea would be great! Fresh apples are easy enough to pack - how about some mini carrots - they don't have to remain cold and would last a day or two and are a healthy snack and sweet too! The mini loaves of banana or pumpkin bread or mini muffin sizes would make a nice treat. How about some old fashioned rice krispies treats? I don't think there is anything they wouldn't eat or appreciate. Some "green cash" would be to their delight and easy to "pack!" :)

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            Ronda! Chase talked to me on the phone after you guys gave them a ride- he was just gushing! They are wonderful, wonderful gentleman. Thank you for being so welcoming.