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Sep 25, 2009 04:03 AM

Rec's for fun/non-chain 10th Anniversary in Houston

I've been reading the threads on this board and taking notes, but since I made these plans yesterday for next weekend, I would appreciate help...FAST! ;)

We're going to a Texans game on Sunday afternoon, but Friday through Monday is open. We're from the midwest and this is a surprise for my husband, so I'm kinda winging it on my own and would love some advice.

We LOVE all types of food, but are fans of small plates, seafood, authentic italian, quaint restaurants and good wine. We're staying downtown, but are fine taking the metrorail, taxi, etc. for a great restaurant. I'm not fixed to a specific price range, but am not as inclined to choose a stuffy restaurant.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Although I personally have not been, I am hearing good things about Dante's Seafood which is located in Chelsea Market on Montrose.

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      My husband and I have eaten at Danton's twice; our first meal was excellent and the second was OK but not great. Probably sticking with fried food is safest here. It's a very attractive place with good service and a nice wine list.

    2. People are probably tired of me recommending this place, but when you put "small plates" and "good wine" in the same sentence, then I would go for Catalan. It's not too far from downtown, and is great. Nice, yet not stuffy at all. Fairly casual, and the wine list is incredible. Oh, and the food . . . extremely good. You can do a search on this board to see reviews.

      Happy Anniversary - we just celebrated our 33rd.

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        Dani, we never tire of you recommending Catalan or Pierson's, and I'll do a post when I get to either one. We drove by Catalan today on our way to El Tiempo for crab nachos and some ritas for my wife. Those nachos are incredible, piled high with fresh lump crabmeat. My sister in law is from Houston, but now lives in Knasas City. We were talking about her today, as I know you can't get anything like that in KC, and how we are bringing her there the next time she is in town.

      2. Authentic Italian, nonstuffy, good wine, near downtown: Dolce Vita. Have a blood orange prosecco cocktail before enjoying their delicious appetizers and pizzas!

        1. Thanks for all the tips! I'll have to check out the seafood restaurant in the market and Dolce Vita. I think Catalan sounds like a definite must eat! I've never been to Texas, so we're going to be completely LOST in terms of what to see, do and eat. Thanks for the help!