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Sep 25, 2009 02:20 AM

Demeyere Atlantis stuff looks great

I already have a nice collection of allclad but I am currently addicted to my new hobby of collecting life lasting cookware. I can't do cast iron(I cant have iron in my diet) so I am thinking about adding the to my kitchen.

I see that set and its essentially the exact pieces and sizes I use daily. Its a perfect set.

I love my allclads. allclad is 20 minutes away from me and I love made in usa products.

But, for fun when funds allow I wouldn't mind picking up some demeyere, just because I love cooking.

Its probably ostentacious of me, but I love to cook and love cookware.

Has anyone bought this set? Is the demeyere stuff worth the money, they do seem a bit overpriced. Its definitely double what I would pay for comparable allclad.

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  1. I just thought of something; does no iron include stainless steel?
    And also, if you're collecting the best, have you considered copper?

    1. mmdad, Demeyere Atlantis definitely is two steps up from All Clad. The Atlantis line (like the Sirocco line) has a substantial copper disk in the base of its non-sauteuse (that is, its vertical-sided) pots. Even if all else were equal, copper diffuses heat better than aluminum, but the layer of aluminum in non-disk All Clad construction is thinner than the Atlantis's copper layer (thickness is directly correlated with conduction efficiency). As frosting on the cake, the Atlantis also sandwiches the copper in even better-conducting silver (albeit a very thin layer of silver). The Atlantis conical sauteuse is of an aluminum sandwich construction, but there, too, the aluminum thickness between the stainless layers is thicker than the aluminum layer in the All Clad lines.

      1. I don't have a set, mmdad, but I do have the Atlantis in a covered saute pan and the covered casserole (5 quart, I think).

        The stuff is fabulous! FABULOUS. Great heat conductor, great for deglazing, handles stay cool as long as they're not right over the flame, goes in the oven, goes in the dishwasher, easy to clean, food browns beautifully but doesn't stick. The only "con" I see to it is the price tag, which is high as you noted, but, honestly, to me...worth every single penny. I'm not a big AllClad fan, so take this for what it's worth, since you're happy with your AC, but, to me, the Demeyere Atlantis is head and shoulders above AC. (More comfortable handle design for me, too, but that's very personal to every hand.)

        The Silvinox lining in the Atlantis is great. I think a couple of Demeyere's other lines feature that, too--probably Apollo for sure, but that's not much less expensive (I don't think)... Go check out Demeyere's site to see if some of the less expensive lines feature it.

        It certainly is an investment, but really wonderful stuff to cook with, IMO.

        1. WOW, it is R E A L L Y nice.

          I love that the Demeyere line does not have the rivets. No where near my price range but I envy those who can add these pieces to their cookware collection. :-D

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          1. re: cityhopper

            I don't really see it go on sale, cityhopper, but a friend of mine was able to obtain a display sample of one pan at half-off. Then it becomes more affordable. Nothing wrong with the pan she got, just "used" in the salesroom. So if anyone's interested and has access IRL or online to places who do that, it might be worth a shot.

            And of course you just don't know, in this economy. Seems to me like just about everybody is putting everything on sale...

            1. re: Normandie

              What an awesome deal your friend received on the display unit. I would snatch one up in a heartbeat too if I can across a similar offer.

              In the meantime, I'll probably visit Sur La Table to get a good feel of the pan (and lust over it to myself LOL).

              1. re: cityhopper

                Yes, I'd do that, too, if I came across a sample.

                The thing is, though, I can't really think of another Demeyere I need. I try to find reasons to need them, ha, but it's hard to justify getting a pan "just for fun" at that price. I am looking to replace my sauce pans, but even I can't rationalize paying their prices for something that I basically only simmer veggies in. I do a sauce in a saucepan or saucier or a pastry cream maybe twice a year. Hmmm...maybe I should commit to baking more cream-filled goodies so I can get my Demeyere. :-)

                I'll tell you what, though, city. Check the pan out at SLT, but don't buy it there. Well, that is if you agree with me that SLT's prices tend to be high anyway? A good source online might be The Knife Merchant. He carries Demeyere. So I'd go see it in person then comparison shop online.

                1. re: Normandie

                  Last year, I was looking to buy a 3.2 qt Demeyere Scirocco saucepan, and I found a really good sale (I thought) at Sur La Table. It turned out that they were selling the pan without the lid. Purchasing a lid AND the sale price pan would have come to more than buying the 2 pieces new on Amazon, which I did. Sometimes a bargain is not a bargain.

                  1. re: mnosyne

                    Exactly, mnosyne. Just my personal experience, but whenever I comparison shop online for something, SLT never seems to have the best price (at all). But I don't know SLT that well, and it could just happen to be the particular things I've shopped for.

                    But, additionally, Demeyere--especially the Atlantis line--seems to be one of those names that vendors don't relax the prices on. You really have to keep your eyes open to find a special deal on Atlantis. (I have seen some good sales on their mid- to lowest-end collections, though, and although some of them are not multiply, but instead have disk bottoms, I still have the feeling they're better quality than a lot of cookware. This company seems to know what it's doing.)

          2. MMDAD, City Kitchens in Seattle is having a serious sale on Demeyere Atlantis until October 1st. (They will ship.)

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            1. re: Leper

              Thanks everyone. I am not sure I totally agree that they are better than the allclad from my experience but they are certainly nice. I love my allclad handles- its a common complaint but they seem to work perfect for me. The demeyere 4 piece set is just the perfect sizes and they look great so that is what I want to get. I do not have the finances at the moment but as soon as I do I am getting the 4 piece set. I would love to hear more from those who have these pans so keep talking if you can.

              Thanks everyone

                1. re: cityhopper

                  I checked the web site out but it is a parking place for other sites.