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Sep 24, 2009 10:59 PM

Austin faves

I'm relocating to Austin in the next couple of months, from Los Angeles.
I'm looking for your favorite places, hounders!
I'm a professional baker and I love all types of food
Everything from Japanese fusion to barbebue, I'm in.
Living in L.A. for most of my life I am used to having a vast variety
of ethnic food at my disposal.

I'm really looking forward to exploring Austin and I'd love to check out your top picks.

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  1. Sushi Nini
    Gino's Italian in Round Rock (family owned & operated)
    Restaurant Jezebel
    Paggi House
    Chon Som for drunken noodles & shrimp dynamite in Pflugerville

    1. Fonda San Miguel - doesn't usually get labeled as fine dining because it's Mexican but it should. It is easily one of the top 5 restaurants in Austin and the best Mexican in town by a mile.

      Jeffrey's - Great new chef. Great new menu. Pretty reasonable 3 and 5 course tasting menus.

      The Mighty Cone - High-end trailer food on South Congress. The chicken cone, venison hot dog and slider are all great.

      Sunflower Vietnamese Restaurant - unimpressively positioned in a strip mall, but it's some of the best Vietnamese food in town. They also let you bring your own beer or wine.

      Kerby Lane Cafe - An Austin institution; great for breakfast or late nights. Try the Kerby Queso.

      Salt Lick BBQ - A bit of a drive, but worth it. Also BYOB.

      Round Rock Doughnuts - Forget about crispy cream and all the rest, these yellow doughnuts are the best on earth.

      Guero's Taco Bar - Good TexMex on South Congress.

      Those are just a few of our favorites, but you will not get bored eating in Austin. We are well traveled people and have lived in several of the world's culinary hotspots, but per capita Austin might just have some of the best food on earth. Don't forget it is still a very, very small town. In most places the population has to be much bigger to warrant the selection and quality of restaurants we have here. Welcome to town and enjoy!

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        re:Fonda San Miguel is the best Mexican in town by a mile.

        Not as long as Tacos El Rico's still in business

        They're not the best by a mile cause Candy's on east 7th is nipping at their heels but if you want the real deal Mexican,zero frippery,just intense deliciousness, this is where the conversation begins.

      2. too many to list
        check out the Austin Chronicle website for Best of Austin lists over the last years

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          Thanks everyone for the great recs! Can't wait :)