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Sep 24, 2009 09:52 PM

Quince ideas

A friend of mine has an old quince tree in her backyard. She's tried a few recipes and been unhappy with the results so this year, she decided to give away the quince. She knows I'm up to experimentation so now I've got a paper bag with a good 10lbs of quince!

I looked up some recipes and am finding mostly jams, jellies and the like. I'm definitely going to make some membrillo but am at a loss for what else to do with the darned stuff. I would hate for this stuff to go to waste but I am also not willing to invest in canning equipment just to make some jelly or jam. Is it possible to make some jam without canning it?

Any ideas for this old fruit would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. it makes lovely tartes tatin and those can be frozen.

    1. What a beautiful fruit. Consider yourself lucky, I just saw quince for sale at a farmstand for $1 EACH. Luckily I know of a tree......

      I often freeze quince paste rather than canning. I freeze it in little ramekins, cover them with foil, and then just pull one out a few hours before the cheese course.

      Quince also make great pate de fruit

      Cook peeled slices in sugar syrup until almost tender, then use alone or with apples in a galette, pie, crisp, etc.

      1. First, I want to throw out there that your friend may not have liked it because it may not be ripe. Quince is to be picked after the first frost, so it depends on where you are.

        If it is ripe, it goes beautifully into an apple pie or apple crisp. It is super hard, though, so you'll want to parboil them. Otherwise, you'll end up with either raw, crunch quince or mush, soft apples.

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          Hmmm... maybe the quince I got from her is not ripe yet? We've yet to experience any kind of cold weather here and the quince are super fuzzy. They're not particularly fragrant.

          1. re: muimi07

            it's not ripe if it's still fuzzy. it should also smell perfumey.