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Sep 24, 2009 09:36 PM

Searching for great panini (panino?) with an espresso

Hi y'all, I'm new in town from Montreal and have yet to find a place that has good espresso AND sandwiches. THere are a few cafes in Leslieville but that's quite a trek from me (I'm near Bloor and Bathurst) and they are often out of food. Had an ok espresso and ok sandwich at White Squirrel and Saving Gigi but they were just that...ok. All the other espresso places I've been to seem to only do scones/light snacks. The panino's at Cafe Diplomatico are pretty bad. Any ideas? Please help...I bike or drive around hungry and with a caffeine headache nearly every morning and would love to find a place that could take care of both....

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  1. Haven't tried the coffee yet, but it's no secret I'm a fan of Negroni. Haven't had a bad panino or salad yet, and the wine is cheap (which is why I haven't tried the espresso...) Call to check on the hours - the website says they open at 11:30, but they recently added breakfast panini to the menu, so it's possible they open earlier now.

    1. Gosh, this might not be close by but... I am going to suggest Alcoa Bakery at Ossington and Davenport. It's a Portugese bakery. Their Tosta Mista is yummy (it's made on the panini press) and espresso is pretty good. Try the custard tarts while you're there.

      Hope that's helpful.

      1. I have always wondered why coffee shops in Toronto don't sell Paninis in order to cater to the lunch crowd as they do in Montreal/London/NY and Melbourne (where I find they are the best at it).

        1. I can't comment on the coffee, but do yourself a favour and go to Negroni for a panino. It's one of the new places I've been to in Toronto lately that I want to desperately go back to!

          1. Negroni is good for panini (and cheap vino!)... but for panini and espresso my vote goes to L'Espresso Bar Mercurio. Note: this is the cafe on the south side of Bloor and not Bar Mercurio which is on the south north side (and also good).