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What to do with leftover lamb?

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I made a med sized leg of lamb..and due to circumstances, I have lots leftover. It is med rare. Ideas on what to do with it, besides lamb stew?

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  1. You can make lamb curry, lamb fried rice, lamb kebab, lamb soup, and a whole lot more.

    1. Slice thin, make some tziki sauce and have yourself a few gyros.

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        Yep, that'd be my choice. I'm just wondering how you could possibly have left over lamb. At my house every scrap of lamb would have disappeared, regardless of how much I prepared.

      2. thick slices of toasted sour dough, grain mustard, thinly sliced cucumber, thyme, mild cheddar, thinly sliced meat... cold lamb sandwiches in honor of mrs parrish, death and joe black.

        1. Lucky you! Some great ideas already. I would add lamb tagine and moussaka to the mix.

          1. Shepherd's pie...do you have any pan juices also left by any chance? That would help with the gravy but you can use good quality beef stock also if you can obtain some. I saw David Rosengarten make this years ago on his wonderful "Taste" show--he added a little red wine and fresh rosemary to the lamb/gravy mixture...topped with leftover mashed potatoes and baked it...I tried it and never looked back. He did not add any peas or corn to it and kept it very rustic.

            1. Assuming you've leftover gravy from the roast, we thinly slice the lamb and warm it up in the gravy, to which we add mustard and redcurrant jelly.

              Makes a great sandwich as well (but you need to be thorough in cutting off the fat - much as hot lamb fat is delish, it is not nice when cold). Needs a good strong mustard - Colmans for example.

              As mentioned shepherd's pie is the classic leftovers meal for lamb. But you could always make rissoles. Chop the lamb in the processor. Finely chop onion and some red or green pepper and garlic. Add in parsley and a little chilli powder.Maybe some breadcrumbs. Add egg to bind and shape into the rissoles and fry for a few minutes each side. I'd eat these with some mashed spuds and chutney.

              1. one of my favorite leftovers in the world is lamb hash--onions, tomato paste, diced lamb, rosemary--potatoes or not--cream or sour cream. well, it is hash so suit yourself. it needs to be cooked long enough to take the edge off the tomato paste. i shoot for a smooth, slightly loose result--not a crispy, browned patty. i cut things larger than i might for, say, corned beef hash--a generous dice, not a fine hatchet job.

                1. I make a curry sauce, add the lamb, cubed in 1/2" dice, w/ diced cooked potatoes and/or peas and/ or vegetables. Use this mixture to fill turnovers (I use paula peck's cream Cheese pastry recipe- very tender and easy.) or you could use filo for same. Freeeze; bake off as needed.

                  1. do a lamb fried rice flavored with cumin and peppercorns..

                    1. today, i'm going to make leftover lamb "soft tacos," spread with a paste of lemon juice, evoo, garlic, sumac, green onion, mint, flat leaf parsley. i'd like to add some yogurt and a bit of thinly sliced red onion.

                      yes, the only "taco" part is the white corn tortilla! ;-)).

                      i also may make a "quesadilla" with the lamb, the green goo, and some nice feta cheese.