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man vs food?

For some odd reason, I watch this show I think it is because I just don't understand how people think it is ok to stuff yourself to the point of getting sick. I am not a thin person but I just don't get it.

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  1. I & my husband enjoy that show. It just depends, man vs food = quantity over quality, Anthony Bourdain show = quality over quantity. And honestly, I did it one time, I ate until I got sick.

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      I too enjoy this show - the host is engaging, and there's usually some interesting info about the locale. This is for entertainment purposes - no one is advocating eating 10 burgers at a shot as a lifestyle change. It's just fun - like riding upside down on a roller coaster at 80 miles an hour... Everyone once in awhile, why not?

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        Not to mention, the eating challenge is only the last part of the show.

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        DH and I enjoy this.... it is the one "food porn" show we watch together. It's entertaining for sure, but I do wish that Food would win more often.

      3. This show disgusts and disturbs me. It's everything that is bad about America in one dose--gluttony, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and mindless competitiveness. The few times I've watched it all the way through, I've had to fight the urge to book a one-way ticket to Canada.

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            The 'It's whats wrong with America argument is laughable." First off the show highlights local businesses which if you watch the show have many times been in the same family for generations. These are actually the back bone of communities and if by having crazy challenges can draw attention and promote the business, more power to them. These are not the regular menu items and anyone with common sense should be able to see that. I have never had the urge to go "man I wanna eat that 5 pound hamburger", but I have seen places that if I was in the area would check out because of the food highlighted. Also the show highlights 2 or 3 local establishments in the visited area and only the last one has any kind of challenge. Canada is a beautiful country though.

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              I couldn't agree more. I admit I never watched an entire segment. I couldn't bear it. Uncivilized trash.

              1. Are you in prison?

                Seriously, if you don't like the show change the channel, or just turn off the TV.

                1. Adam Richman is entertaining. He's pretty good at highlighting the local eats and gives a good description of what he eats. Although, I question his taste based upon the Seattle episode. He did talk up the places beautifully.

                  The food challenge is unneeded. I tune out by the end of the show. It's not appealing to see someone stuff food, cry and sweat while eating.

                  1. The eating challenges aren't all about eating lots of food in one sitting, although it does take up a good majority of it. he does do some challenges with spicy hot foods.

                    I like the guy and I like the places he goes to. the schtick with the food challenge is getting old, even though the show is still entertaining.

                    He did an interview where he said that he only tapes one food challenge a week, so he eats healthy all week long and when he gets his hankering for something unhealthy, he will eat it while on the Travel Channel's dime.

                    They do go to the local joints a la Diner's Drive-In's and Dives and work to promote the local joints.
                    I guess between Diners' Drive-Ins and Dives against Man Vs Food, I'll take Man Vs Food just so I don't have to put up with Guy Fieri.

                    1. eating a lot of food in a challenge or just enjoyiong it has nothing to do with being an overweight person.
                      I am 6ft 7 265 lb very slim and love to eat. I love crab legs all you can eat and when it is available to me I can eat 16 to 20 pounds with no problem. I am open to challenges and will never gain an ounce.

                      1. I don't get it either. The man eats abnormally large meals and gets to be rich and famous.

                        Andrew Zimmern, etc. I guess eating can make you RICH AND FAMOUS!!!! WOOHOO!!

                        I think he's a slob. But hey, he makes more money than I do. Maybe we should all quit our normal day jobs and eat like elephants so WE can get wealthy!!!

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                          Go ahead and try. If you get rich and famous come back and post about how you did it!

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                            LOL. I love how people who hate this show try to drag it into some kind of commentary about the state of the country or healthcare. If you do not like the show fine, no problem but trying to bring forward your feelings about the country or the state of things based on it is sad at best. Paris221966 if your gonna question why anyone on TV or movies is famous for any reason (with exeption of the few truely talented) is a truely horrowing persuit. Still Allen is an engaging and funny host IMO.

                        2. I like this show. In fact, lately I've been watching more MvF than Throwdown or Triple D.

                          Adam is a very engaging host and he spotlights exactly the same types of places as does Guy Fieri. The challenges to me are becoming a minor part of the show. Some of the non-challenge places feature hiliarously oversized food in their own right -- the burger at the place in Boise, and the "mancakes" at some breakfast spot in another episode.

                          What I DON't like about the show is some of the questionable geography. The challenge in the DC show took place in Annapolis. The challenge in the Baltimore show took place in North East, MD, which is just as close to Philly as it is to Balto. In fact, I had to google the restaurant (Steak and Main) to find out where it is located because Adam didn't mention it (not surprising, given where it is).

                          Why, this is like having a "Real Housewives of DC" feature a woman who lives in Front Royal, VA. That could never happen, could it? LOL

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                            They should do a Real Housewives doing an eating challenge, maybe RHW of Orange County vs RHW of NYC or RHW of extremely extended DC area. Extreme geography, extreme eating.

                          2. Speaking of eating as a means to wealth, Adam Richman of the Man vs Food fame will be in Dallas this coming Tuesday to give a lecture at the local House of Blues for a mere 45 bucks.

                            I guess eating does pay dividends. I cannot imagine who would pay to hear Richman waxing on about gorging himself on a 9-layer burger or a dozen milkshakes, but P.T Barnum said it best, right?

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                              A lecture by Adam Richman? How to stuff one's face without regurgitating within 15 minutes of ingestion? Yes, P.T. Barnum did get it right. Welcome to America.

                            2. frankly I don't see anything entertaining about some fat fanny stuffing food in his mouth. I don't want to see some overpaid clown masticating (and sometimes even talking with food in his mouth) on disgusting foods that are based entirely on quantity, not quality. My dear departed mom, would be mortified!