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Sep 24, 2009 07:15 PM

Himalayan Heritage vs Heritage India, a Chowhound Report

Two recent Chowhound lunches took me to the Nepali/Indian food of Himalayan Heritage in Adams Morgan, and the refined Indian cuisine at Heritage India. No relation between the two places.

The best part of the lunch at HH was the naan, maybe the best in the DC area. Also a complimentary plate of soybeans in a garlic sauce was crunchy and irresistible. That could have been it, didn't really need to order anything else for a perfect lunch. But we did, and it ranged from ok to pretty bad.

Two dishes featured a ketchupy sauce. Steamed momo (rather conventional dumplings) were served in a spicy ketchup. The sauce was cloying, and despite the spiciness, I couldn't shake the Heinz 57 aftertaste. An order of gobi featuerd breaded cauliflower. This time the ketchup sauce had only a hint of spice.

Fried momo was fresh and tasty potstickers, but a fairly bland chicken filling.

Pots of Chana Masala and a Lamb Kaida rounded out the meal. Both decent, but no better.

At HI, ordered from the Street Hawker menu and a couple of dishes form the Tapas menu. Despite the street origins of the food, presentation was fancy 'squiggles on a plate.' Unfortunately, I forgot to tell the server not to hold back on the spices. What we had was mostly bland in spite of the high quality of the ingredients. I've been here several times before, and I 'm sure they toned down the food because we were a group. Even worse, the potato dish in a yogurt sauce was served with a sweet yogurt. Yecch.

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  1. If you ahve not done so, try the Nepali dishes or Nepali Thali at Gahr e Kabab in Silver Spring on Wayne between Fenton and Georgia. Very nicely done stuff but as it is my only exposure to Nepali, I have little frame of reference.

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      I'll second that....and add that their Indian dishes--and lunch buffet--are also excellent. Try their tomato soup. I don't usually rave about tomato soup, but theirs is out of this world, easily the best I've had.

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        Will do.... and 'out of this world' tomato soup (per the post below) sounds too good to pass up.

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          THey ahve some sort of duck thingie with beaten rice as an ap that really is good and a veggie, I think black eyed pea & giner & potato that is also great. The Nepali selection is small and a party of 4 coupd try everything on it. THe Tandoor chicken is superb.

      2. Steve, interesting report. Just one question: which Heritage India did you go to? The one in Dupont or the one in Glover Park? My guess is the Dupont location as I've never seen the "street hawker" menu at HI in Glover Park. I also don't go to the Dupont HI anymore as I've found the food and service to be far superior at the Glover Park location.

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          Good point, we went to Heritage Dupont. I eat there principally for the Street Hawker menu. As an individual, I've had some really nice stuff here before. However, some places will see a group and automatically tame things down. Service was nonexistent.

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            Thanks, Steve. I stopped going to the Dupont HI a long time ago. Never had good service there, and the food was just OK. By contrast, I've had great food and usually (although not always) pretty good service at the Glover Park HI.

            P.S. Someone posted on another thread about an under $10 weekday lunch special at HI Glover Park (not a buffet, but 3 dishes). I checked the website and found the lunch menu that has combination dishes from $7.95-$12. I usually go there for dinner but since lunch looks like a good deal, I'm going to try it.