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Sep 24, 2009 07:07 PM

green side for pot roast and roast veggies?

Tomorrow (Fri) night I'm making dinner for 4 friends, one of whom is an outstanding cook (but is not picky or judgmental about food cooked by mere mortals like me), another is a wine buff and will be bringing some good stuff. I'm making pot roast (Cooks Illustrated recipe) and roast veggies (potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, peppers roasted in cast iron skillet). I feel like there needs to be something green on the plate too. Suggestions?

FYI I have some nice organic farmers market broccoli, but it's been blanched and frozen.

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  1. Though I love roast vegetable combos like this, I do not think they are a good match for pot roast, whose luscious gravy calls out for noodles, spaetzle, or mashed potato. I'd roast or saute Brussels sprouts and/or do glazed carrots.

    1. I think if you are having those roasted veggies, then you should have a dark leafy green salad instead of a cooked green side, just my two cents.

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        I agree with a leafy green salad. Perhaps with a spicy element or some fennel to cut the richness of the rest of the meal.

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          Me too,I agree. Consider it a palate cleanser.
          When I make pot roast, I always roast carrots, onions, celery, and small baby potatoes. The potatoes will get smashed and drizzled with gravy, the carrots left whole and hopefully not cooked to death. I try to plan for the carrots to go in last, so they retain their nice carrot texture and taste. What vegetable other than a great salad would make the perfect side? We need some acid and for me that's a crisp green salad with delicious red wine vinagrette! (or... a salad of avocado and arugula dressed with lemon juice/olive oil and lots of cracked pepper!) But a salad for sure. -I always serve the salad with the meal by the way, not before or after.

        2. I'd think about some roasted brussels sprouts.

          Lightly sauteed spinach would be good IMO also. The jus from the pot roast would be most welcome on both.

          Blanched/frozen broccoli? Sorry, that's not appealing at all.

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            Yeah, the broc is meant for our toddler. But maybe someone will have a fantastic idea about how to resurrect it for adult consumption, who knows. :)

          2. With pot roast and veggies roasted in CI, you have two items that will probably have a certain degree of fat or oil. I think I'd do something that doesn't require fat or oil in the cooking. So I like Val's idea of the salad, or a steamed vegetable, which could be asparagus, broccoli, Brussel Sprouts quartered or shredded, green beans, baby spinach or Chard....anything green, really. And you could pass either an herbed melted butter, for an easy sauce, or do something more ambitious, for those who would like something to dress the steamed veggie.

            I also like greygarious' idea of the glazed carrots. Either way, something green or the carrots, will add some welcomed color to the plate.

            1. with the vegetables accompanying the pot roast a cooked green would be redundant, i think. glazed carrots along with roast carrots would be redundant, i know. i assume you want a green to balance colors and textures. i'd go with a crisp green salad. since pot roast is such a complete, and juicy plateful, i'd serve composed salads on the side--or ahead of the pot roast and nice vegetables.