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Sep 24, 2009 06:55 PM

STL - looking for a tongue sandwich

Where in STL can I get a nice juicy kosher-style tongue sanwich? I thought of Kohn's on Old Olie but they dont list it. Protzels (sp?) in Clayton?? Used to get it at the Posh Nosh but that was many years ago.

Help I need a tongue fix ;)

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  1. You can get tongue on a torta (sandwich) at La Vallasanna, Cherokee at California. Probably not the sandwich you want, but pretty good nonetheless.

    1. Pretty sure Protzels has tongue. I think Kopperman's may have it as well. Pumpernickel's also has tongue but I'm not positive on the kosher aspects of it all.

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        Yes, Kopperman's, which is kosher-style, does have tongue; I saw it a few hours ago.

      2. You might try Diamant's, the best (IMHO) kosher butcher in St. Louis. They make sandwiches. It's on North & South in U. City, just north of Delmar.
        I would also suggest you call Kohn's and ask. I can't believe they don't have tongue available.
        Good luck, p.j.