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Sep 24, 2009 06:11 PM

Encore (Memphis) closed

We made reservations at Encore to cap off a trip to the last 4 of the 50 states. Tonight we received notice that our reservation had been cancelled, and when we called, they said that tonight will be the last night that they are open. Help! Suggestions for dining on a par with Encore needed right away. We'll be leaving New Jersey soon.

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  1. Restaurant Iris is phenominal and Chef Kelly English studied under John Besh in New Orleans.
    Here's the website, check it out:

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    1. re: jcrebel75

      Oops. I forgot to say we will be going on a Sunday night, and Restaurant Iris is closed.

      1. re: jcrebel75

        ditto on Iris. If you have to stay downtown, try South of Beale, Felicia Suzanne, McEwans or Circa.

        1. re: tater

          I really enjoy South of Beale but I don't know that it is "dining on par with Encore" as AGH requested - more of a neighborhood bar, albeit one with a menu of good, interesting food. Check out the website. In addition to the ones tater recommended, I think Bari in midtown is open on Sunday night. Circa would get my vote downtown.

          1. re: tater

            We don't have to stay downtown. Have car, will travel, uinless you think parking would be a problem. Just to emphasize, this is our final restaurant stop from a 50 state tour, so we want it to be specail.

            1. re: AGH

              Then Iris is the best we have to offer, and it's very, very good. I would have picked it over Encore in the first place if its that special. Kelly English has recieved a number of accolades lately but he's stayed true to his local focus with New Orleans influences.

              agree, bulldogx2 on SOB. Shouldn't have included it in that list.

              1. re: tater

                Sunday night is tough in Memphis, as in a lot of cities. Many of the best restaurants are closed. As an aside, Iris does have Sunday brunch ... not sure if you will be in town earlier in the day.

              2. re: AGH

                Absolutely go to Bari in midtown, it has amazing food. Check out for menu.

          2. Try Circa by John Bragg. It is up to par with Encore and is on the Main Street Trolley line downtown! I know for a fact that it is open on Sunday nights. You won' t be disappointed!!

            1. I second the recommendations for Iris and Bari.

              Whatever you do, do NOT go to Flight. It is as bad a meal as I've had in Memphis for a place that fancies itself a real restaurant (and I've had a lot of mediocre food in Memphis over the years). The food varied between mediocre (okay soups) and inedible (potatos that tasted like salt and nothing else; overcooked beef, etc.). The service was terrible (a combination of understaffing and poorly-trained waiters). The manager was unbelievably rude. I feel sorry for the Nashville Flyte, which is very good - someone might think they're associated. As it is, it seems like the Memphis place has tried to rip off the concept but can't begin to execute. Stay away.