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Sep 24, 2009 06:05 PM

Where to take the grandparents?

My husband and I are still pretty new to Philly/Center City, and my grandparents are coming to visit this weekend. While not the most adventurous of eaters, they're not strictly meat-and-potatoes people, either. Unfortunately, they get turned off by really loud restaurants, and I'm having trouble thinking of places to take them that they'll enjoy and that are unique to Philly. Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated!

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  1. Prime Rib. It's a lovely setting, good menu choices (including fish and seafood), comfortable seating, and although music is playing (at least, there used to be a pianist) it's quiet enough to talk.
    They have a prix-fixe menu that's not bad at all. I believe that Sundays it's byob.
    We are seniors, and this place is very popular with our friends.

    Another place they would like is Branzino, on 17th just north of Spruce. Always good food, lovely ambience, not too noisy.

    If you will be driving, there are several very good Italian restaurants in South Philly - some are byob,some have bars. Among our favorites: Tre Scalini, Paradiso, LeVirtu -
    in fact, if you don't need to stay in center city, there are many good options.

    Nan, at 40th and Chestnut,French/Thai, is always excellent - and quiet. Street parking, byob. Not open on Sundays.

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      As someone who is certainly old enough to be a grandparent, I would second every single restaurant (except one) you mentioned. I don't think that Prime Rib is that unique to Philly so I'd drop that one from the list.

      My pick would be Branzino.

    2. If they like Mexican, you could take them to El Vez (13th & Walnut). It's a little pricey but the food is awesome, the guacamole is incredible, and the atmosphere is nice.

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        Oh gosh, definitely NOT El Vez if noise is a concern!! While the food is pretty good, the noise level there has been nearly intolerable every time I've went. It doesn't speak "grandparents" at all to me, way too funky. I'd stick with a nice steakhouse or Italian BYOB (if it's early in the evening and/or not a weekend...)

      2. It depends on the price you are looking to pay. Davios might fit the bill of quiet, very good food that isnt too challenging. It is up there in price.

        1. how about Southwark? The bar can be loud, but the restaurant never stikes me as loud and the food is great!

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            We prefer Bistro La Minette to Southwark -- we were not impressed with Southwark's food and have never understood how it got 3 bells. Bibou would be best but might be hard to get in. And we're pretty old grandparents.

            1. re: Beulah

              I thought of Bistro la Minette but it always seems very loud there to me

          2. Speakng as a grandparent, the #1 attribute on my list is peaceful and quiet. And, there is a way to get this in a superb Italian, like L'Angolo or Paradiso: go early. Really early. It may get noisy by 7, in many places, but they will love it through dinner, and by dessert, all will feel mellow.