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Sep 24, 2009 05:42 PM

Granite Restaurant, Centennial Hotel, Concord, NH

I am on a business trip to Concord, NH, and was looking forward to dinner at the Granite Restaurant in the Centennial Hotel based on the fine reviews posted to date.

I visited the Granite Restaurant tonight, Thurs., Sept. 24. I ordered half a dozen raw oysters (which were fine), and half a dozen fried oysters (which were not on the menu, but which should have been easily presented, as "Oysters 3 Ways" -- which included a fried oyster -- was)!

The raw oysters were delicious and well presented. My server brought cocktail sauce and horseradish to my liking.

The fried oysters were overly salty and inedible. When I sent them back to the kitchen, my server told me that the chef agreed -- they were too salty -- and that the kitchen would shuck a fresh batch and fry them to order.

The order that arrived was similarly overly salty -- I don't know if the kitchen did anything differently, but the food was still inedible.

I asked for my check, and left.

Now that I am back at my hotel and having had no dinner tonight, I am interested in hearing any and all responses.

What should I have done, and was the restaurant right in charging me for my appetizer and drinks (when I left without dinner)!

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  1. That is really too bad, they should have compt your appetizer at least. I really loved my first visit there (they were fairly new at the time) but I have been back since and was disappointed in the service (guy kept leaving for a smoke). It was overpriced. It was a sunday brunch.

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      We had a great experience last weekend. Server was back on the job after having a baby, totally solicitous. Checked in us after every course. Crab Cakes were fantastic, and since we were celebrating a bday, had desserts--the standout was the banana beignets. David Souter, former Supreme Court judge, was at the next table.