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Sep 24, 2009 05:37 PM

Capital Range from former DCS folks??

Anyone familiar with or have any info on a range called Capital that is coming from whoever used to own DCS (before selling to F&P)?

Guy in the appliance store showed me a nice model, 30 in gas with infrared broiler and 4, 18K btu burners and a center wok burner at 25K. arounf $3,500. thanks

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  1. Just to double check: No one familiar with the Capital ranges?

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    1. re: woodburner

      Well yes I am familiar with Capital. I have a 48 in 6 burner with griddle, roteserie, self clean. It has been in my home for two years without problem. A wonderful pieceof equipment and a real eyecatcher to boot.
      I am concerned that Capital is still in business as an email has been bounced back to me. I was inquiring whether the griddle could be taken out and BBQ Grill put in its place.
      Let me know how you do.

      1. re: rdoogue

        I have had a 30" Gas/Gas Capital with 5 Burners for 2 years, centre burner is 24,000 BTU, other burners are 18,000. Have had no issues with the oven, had to learn how to bake in Gas oven, but otherwise have had no issues.

    2. I am looking for the perfect range for our family. Capital Range seems to be holding their own in today's marhet, with little to no negative feedback, they offer the features I desire, no other manufacturer does. Are you still truly satisfied and what, if any, draw backs do you see in owning a Capital Range?