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Sep 24, 2009 05:37 PM

Cheesesteaks in NOLA?

Hi everyone. My girlfriend just moved to town and has been recently crazing cheesesteaks. We are located uptown but are willing to travel for anything special. Thanks in advance for any ideas

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  1. If my feeble memory serves, there was a cheesesteak spot out on Vets Hwy. Seems that it was near Clearview, Lakeside and West of Cleary. Did not dine there, as I am not a big cheesesteak fan, even in Philly.

    Hope someone else can give you better recs. as mine is very fuzzy now, and it's not the wine....

    Good luck,


    1. Cafe Nino on Carrollton.

      1. There is a place on the Westbank expressway called Philly Cheesesteak in the shopping mall with the Winn Dixie at the entrance to West Jeff Hospital. Not Philly quality, but they make them on the flat-top while you watch. A little greasy, but not bad. Also, New City Dinner on Causeway near the interstate has a philly cheesteak on the menu. Haven't tried it, the big breakfast is to good to pass up, but I asked the waitress; she said she is from Philadelphia and it was pretty close. She said they use the white deli cheese and that is a good sign. Good luck!

        1. I've heard Stein's serves up a decent cheesesteak. I haven't been yet, but want to as I also crave cheeseteaks every now and then. Especially when I'm watching Eagles games.

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            I bet you needed a cheesesteak after last Sunday's game!!! LOL!!! I can't say cause I've never been there, but I've heard that Mr. Chubby's on Bourbon makes a good, authentic cheesesteak. From the few things that are online, it looks like the owners are from Philly. I've been meaning to go there for a while, but I haven't been on Bourbon in forever.

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              Haha. I was actually in Houston last weekend with my girlfriend. The game wasn't readily available on TV and I was pretty pissed. In retrospect it was probably a good thing I didn't watch the game. A cheesteak would have been nice. But we made sesame crusted pan-seared tuna and if I do say so myself, it was pretty good, so I made do.

              I'll have to check out that spot out. I might find myself on Bourbon this weekend (or at least in the Quarter) since an out of town friend will be here.

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                i've been to mr. chubby's a couple times. i think it's pretty good. i've never had an authentic philly cheesesteak to compare, but it was tasty (after i added some salt and pepper and a few cherry peppers from the big jar they keep with the condiments). but, yes, the owner and his father (who is sometimes working) are from philly and get most of their ingredients, including the bread, shipped in. my only complain is that the meat wasn't cooked to order on the flattop like i've seen it done in philly (on tv). instead it's in a little metal tray already cooked and scooped out and warmed on the flattop. maybe it's not always like this. maybe when they're really busy they start cooking on the flattop. (they say they start really hummin at around 2 am on the weekends when the strippers start getting off work.) when i've gone it's been lunch time during the week.

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                  Cool. Thanks for the report. Like you, I wouldn't know a real philly from an imposter. I'm willing to learn though. Someone describe a "real" philly cheesesteak, please.

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                    Oh boy...here we go! I've had them in Philly and know enough to leave this to the pros.

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                      Wow--I'm from eastern PA and not sure even I want to touch this one, but I'll give it a try. For me to consider a sandwich to be a worthwhile cheesesteak, it should have white cheese [american, mild provolone or mozz--NOT cheese whiz or any other orange substance], very thin-shaved meat, and a liberal helping of onions and peppers. Tomato sauce would be optional, but it should be available and it should be good. A bona fide cheesesteak restaurant should also have an "in the garden" option. And the roll's important. It shouldn't be tough, but it should be a little chewy--a good Northeast-style Italian hoagie roll. Personally, I the only rolls I've found in NOLA that approach this style are the rolls that Stein's uses for its hoagies, but I don't think Stein's has a cheesesteak on its menu.

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                        I'm with you most of the way, but I love my Whiz when it come to cheesesteaks (and only cheesesteaks). "Mushroom steak whiz wit" is my Pat's standby when I go home. Though in truth I have no problem with a good helping of white cheese. I also love mushrooms. Onions are a must. And since I'm a Pat's man I like my steak very thin and chopped up.

              2. There's a Steak Escape chain in the food court of Lakeside Mall and the Riverwalk Mall.