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Sep 24, 2009 04:42 PM

Bison but is it Kosher

My brother thought for Yom Kippur we should serve Bison, So far in my search I have found none.
So, I was wondering:
Does anyone know where to get Kosher Bison (or any game meat)?
thanks in advance

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  1. Buffalo is technically a kosher animal, but I don't know of any source for certified-kosher bison in this area.

    1. I would call Hartmanns, however you are really thinking about this too late, if you had asked last week they could have maybe ordered it for you, but at this point it is extremely doubtful.

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        Just to save anyone a phone call, but I thought it was an interesting question, so I called Hartmann's.
        I assumed that they couldn't order in "unique" meats and I was right. The entire animal would be to be slaughtered and inspected for kosher meat, and the cost to do that to a bison would be quite high.
        so unless the original poster could purchase a bison or deer on his/her own for slaughtering purposes, my guess is the answer would be a resounding no.

      2. You can certainly get kosher bison, but I have never seen it in Toronto.

        It's kind of late, but you might try calling the place that used to be Gladstone's on Eglinton. It's now called something like 398. If it's on their menu, someone in Toronto can supply it. It's relatively common in NY.

        You could also try calling Lazar Yitzchok, a kosher meat supplier that may (I'm not sure) have some association with St Helen's Packers. If they don't know, they might be able to refer you.

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          You are quite right. Lazer Yitzchock and St. Helen's Meat Packers are run by the same family. I personally know them and will call and try find out about the ability to get bison. I have never seen bison, goat or any game meat at any of the kosher butchers in town. As presumed above, I imagine it is very cost-prohibitive. For example, first-cut rib kosher lamb chops are $30.00/lb, so imagine what game would cost.

        2. Southern Ontario has some great naturally raised, fully grassfed bison, but none are officially 'organic' and none are slaughtered in a kosher facility. Buying an animal is not a problem, but finding a local kosher abattoir that can handle a bison will be. Bison are not docile and domesticated like cattle and require special handling. If anyone knows of a local kosher slaughter facility that will accept bison, please let us know because there's definitely a demand for it.
          Personally I'm more concerned about how the animal is raised and fed rather than any ritual killing process.

          1. The original comment has been removed