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Sep 24, 2009 03:45 PM

Seattle - What are the reviews on Thoa's?

I will be going to Thoa's for the soft shell crab rolls as part of a Savor Seattle tour ... has anyone been to this restaurant? I was wondering how it was. I will get 10% off if I decide to go back there to eat. So wondering if that is a good option.

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  1. I haven’t eaten there, and there isn’t much about this place on Chowhound, but, for what it’s worth, here’s a link to a Seattle Times review by Providence Cicero:

    1. I've been once. It was not bad; I like the room and the food was fine but it didn't wow me compared to, say, Green Leaf, Long Provincial, or Tamarind Tree.

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        Ditto. I work nearby and it's fine for the occasional lunch or happy hour, but Green Leaf and TT are better. 10% doesn't save that much.

      2. Point: the only soft-shell crab you could possible get would have to be flown thousands of miles. What are you doing?

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          What do you mean what am I doing?
          My post CLEARY says that I am taking a Savor Seattle tour and we are going to Thoa's to sample " Vietnamese soft shell crab rolls" That is what is on the tour. The tour is already paid for, so I am going to try the crab roll. ... All I wanted to know is if people on here thought it was a good place to go for lunch or dinner (because I haven't seen it mentioned)

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            It should be a tasty stop on your tour... I would eat a meal for lunch or dinner elsewhere though... there are so many good options close by in dowtown and the ID to eat a meal there

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              Please forgive me. I meant "what are they thinking?"

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                My thoughts exactly. 'Savor Seattle' and 'soft shell crab rolls' don't really go hand in hand.

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                  Unless your concept of food includes a cultural component beyond the food itself. That is, the Vietnamese community here is pretty important in the culinary landscape (I think I've had some of the broadest and highest quality Vietnamese here) , and soft shell crab is a nice example of Vietnamese cuisine.

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              I posted my response to the criticism of seeking out soft-shell crab at a Seattle restaurant on the “General Chowhounding Topics” Board. The post is captioned “”Fresh” Seafood: Local versus Non-Local, and the link is

            3. i was very happy with the food and service at thoa's but, unfortunately, it is essentially around the corner from the infinitely superior long's provincial - btw, all crustaceans (including dungeness crabs and maine lobsters) go through a 'soft shell' phase annually but only blue brabs are kept in tanks anticipating the transition so as to be available for sale during this very brief time. out of season ('season' being spring) soft-shell crabs are available frozen

              1. Tried Thoa's last night.

                I had the "steak frites" (little chunks of steak with slices of potatoes, bell peppers in a pepper/soy-sauce sauce). Wife had the chicken in a bowl of yellow curry with rice noodles. The flavors were a bit bland with too much sugar - kind of like some stuff at Green Leaf and Tamarind Tree. The steak was at least good quality meat, and had good flavor, but otherwise everything just screamed "sanitized Asian" - apparently they're owned by the same people as Chinoise and Wabi Sabi. There was a "Vietnamese Pad Thai" is on the menu - basically repackaged pho xao ($15 - wow) as I saw it delivered to the table next to us. The meal ended with a black sticky rice pudding that we did not finish as it just wasn't very tasty. We also grabbed some HH spring rolls and calamari and were not too impressed by those either.

                I used a Groupon (basically half off) and it still felt really expensive for what it was. I guess we were paying for the nice view - the bright and shiny ferris wheel was right in our faces.