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Sep 24, 2009 03:14 PM

Paris Food Intinerary

My boyfriend and I (first time to paris for both) will be in paris in a week and I'm taking lead on planning the most important part of the trip...FOOD. Would love to get some thoughts/ suggestions based on what i have planned so far.

We're only there for 3 full days (Thurs- Sunday morning) and staying in the 8th. Seems that some restaurants are closed for lunch on weekends, so this is what i've come up with. I tried my best to get a good mixture of experiences and types of cooking. We're open to trying most anything.

Thurs- Lunch at La Table de joel robuchon/ Dinner at L'ami jean or les coccettes
Friday- Lunch at L'as du fallafel/ Dinner at Au Fil des Saisons
Saturday- Lunch at Le Cinq and Dinner at Le Chateaubriand

1 other question...i had a hard time based on mixed reviews of whether or not try L'atelier (for the 6:30 seating) or La table de Joel Robucon (for lunch). Thoughts based on the other places we'll be eating?

Just a note: we'll be in san sebastian on wednesday, and trying mugaritz for lunch on weds. will all these meals be food overload? too much?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Mugaritz is really good, but may be too close to Le Chateaubriand which tries to emulate Mugaritz. My advice would be to aim for something different. If you are lunching at Le Cinq then head for something lighter that evening or it will be overload, maybe Frenchie?

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      Thank you, PhilD. I'll be swapping out Le Chateaubriand for Frenchie. Read a lot about both...

      Any suggestions between the Joel Robuchon restaurants? Definitely, want to try one. Seems like L'atelier is more popular, but a lot of mixed reviews and considering there are few in the states, i'm more inclined to go with La Table for lunch. Thoughts?

      do you think the restaurants i've chosen will give us a variety of types of food/ cooking? Just want to be able to taste and experience different things. Thanks!

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        I have only bee to L'Atelier and not La Table so can't say. I am ambivalent about L'Atelier, service is too fast for me, and I don't like the booking system, I can't eat at 6:30 so tended to simply put my name in the list and they would ring me when they had a space (I lived around the corner). However, some of the food is very good especially the sweetbreads. So not a bad place but a little quirky.
        The variety is pretty good, with Le Cinq you could afford to drop Robuchon altogether as you don't need two grand meals. I would go for CLJ over Coccettes, and so at lunch try something lighter, maybe Yamt'cha - I haven't been but it gets good reviews and is new.

        Also in SS try the tapas bars in the new town over the bridge as well as those in the old town. Slightly less picturesque but some of the bars are more creative and better.

        1. re: calories

          All the Robuchon branches have similar menus and settings, but are actually as different from one another as the chefs who run them. La Table is more classic and reliable as l'Atelier, everything is very good and well made. By contrast, l'Atelier has highs (indeed the sweetbreads, as PhilD says, the merlan, the quail, the tarts...) and lows (not really low but expensive and uniteresting items). And of course l'Atelier is fast and at the bar, la Table is a real restaurant. Also la Table has the great value lunch menu including water, wine, cheese, dessert, coffee, which l'Atelier does not have.

          In summary, la Table is a very classic restaurant, with good value available. L'Atelier is a (very) high end snack.

        2. re: PhilD

          Phil, I'm thinking of trying Frenchie for lunch - maybe next Wednesday. Should I book ahead? I really don't know what time I'll get there but will do if necessary. Thanks.

          1. re: zuriga1

            I would book, it was pretty full both days we went, and it is tiny.

            1. re: PhilD

              I read some great reviews of frenchie but havent seen a menu yet- anyone have a link. Also i cant seem to ascertain how to make a reservation. is there an email address or is it phone only? thanks!

              1. re: alyssabrooke

                The firxed price menu changes daily -- two choices per course. You have to call to make a reservation.

        3. How much is the prix fixe lunch at Frenchie?

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          1. re: RachelEsq.

            IIRC €22 for three courses, and €19 for two.