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Sep 24, 2009 03:09 PM


I realize that there have been numerous posts about Kosher in San Francisco but the restaurants seem to open (few of them) and then drop like flies. Has anyone been to the city recently and know of any kosher MEAT restaurants that they feel are good? While i am certain that there may be many milchig places you can suggest, dairy is totally out of the question, but thank you any way. Thank you in advance.

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  1. We were in SF about 2 years ago- not sure if that's recent enough for you. We ate at Sabra Grill, which was in Chinatown. The food was good, but the decor was nonexistant.

    1. Sabra Grill in China Town is the only kosher meat restaurant in San Fran. Ate there once. Wasn't good and wasn't bad.
      A 45 minute car drive from SF is The Kitchen Table in Mountain View. A really outstanding restaurant were they do lots of great cured meats among other stuff.
      In Oakland (15 minute drive from SF) there is Holy Land which is ok. And there's Oakland Kosher...Burgers, deli meats etc....

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        Yea, The Kitchen Table is probably the best restaurant around, but it is a drive.

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          The Kitchen Table in Mountain View is excellent but it is a drive from San Francisco but is you can it is worth the trip as I consider it one of the best kosher restaurants that I have been to IMHO - Sabra is the only meat restaurant in San Francisco and as cheesecake said the food is good but the decor is non-existant. It is neat walking into Chinatown and just in side the gate seeing a sign for glatt kosher food -