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Sep 24, 2009 02:02 PM

Breakfast in Chapel Hill

We are staying with friends at the Hotel Franklin and don't want to drive anywhere. We usually eat breakfast @ the Carolina Inn but I'm wondering about Mama Dip's? I know it gets really mixed reviews but I thought maybe breakfast might be a little better? Any recommendations? Any opinions on the Coffee Shop? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mama Dip's isn't so great for breakfast- used to be fantastic, but their food has gone downhill since they moved from across the street next to the skylight exchange (yes, that was 10+ years ago). neither is crook's corner. My suggestion would be acme- yes it is the hipster place to go, but their brunch is fantastic, the only issue is that they only serve brunch on sundays.

    1. Personally I think you are already eating breakfast at the best place for it in town.

      I cannot with a good conscience recommend Mama Dips at all. I have always found ACME to be up one week, down the next -- not consistent enough in food preparation or service for me to continue going. Emos has something of the same problem, but is more diner style, so maybe I resent it there less.

      If you want to go to the other side from Carolina Inn, you could go to Suttons which is pure Sysco but in an old drugstore, for that old original drugstore experience. Or you could go to Merritts Country Store and get an egg sandwich or one of their internationally famous BLTs and eat it on the bench outside in the gravel parking lot. Or you could just stay where you are.

      I haven't eaten at Carolina Coffee shop in years, and don't know anyone personally who has talked about it. The last time I ate there it was ...adequate..., but Carolina Inn is much better.

      If you want a cup of coffee and a nibble, may I recommend 3Cups. And if the nibble isn't large enough, there is a bread bakery next doorish.

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        Carolina Coffee Shop is just average - and overpriced.

      2. I have to agree with everything already said here... I would also suggest Ye Olde Waffle Shop on Franklin St. It's a greasy spoon, breakfast only (and cash only) kind of place.

        1. i've recently discovered neal's deli in carrboro for breakfast and wish i lived/worked closer; their biscuits and baked eggs are great. you can even get corned beef or pastrami on your biscuit, which is delicious. it is next to open eye cafe, if you want an espresso based drink.

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              I heard breakfast at Crook's is delicious but only open one day a week for breakfast! Sunday, I believe.