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Sep 24, 2009 01:58 PM

Help with bars/food: Love Chicago and I'm coming!

Hey Chicago! My husband and I are coming to Chicago, we are in our LATE 20's and no children so we love going to trendy places as well as cool off the beaten path type staples- Oh and LOVE wine bars and speak easy type bars (very interested in these type the most). Anyhow for this trip (Thursday all day to Sunday early). We are interested in:
1. Thursday: Lunch option + Dinner small plates type place with great cocktails
2. Friday: Lunch + an after dinner speak easy bar, if not then a drink/great desserts option?
3. Saturday: Brunch/Lunch option + Great bar and restaurant or another small plates dinner and drinks option!


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  1. Hi, Sarah. Sounds like a fun trip to our fine city. I have a Saturday night recommendation for you. Why don't you head to the Wicker Park/Bucktown border and have some cocktails before dinner at the Violet Hour. (It gets super busy w/ a long line after dinner, so I'd recommend a before-dinner stop.) Fabulous hand-crafted cocktails. Then have dinner at Spring, which is walking distance from there. Cool modern restaurant built in an old bathhouse. Wonderful food. Then after dinner, there are no shortage of places to have drinks - the Bluebird (wine bar), the Blue Line Cafe (casual retro bar w/great mojitos), numerous others along Milwaukee Ave as you head southeast from the intersection of Milwaukee/North/Damen. Plenty of cabs in the 'hood to take you back to wherever you're staying. Enjoy your visit!